80’s Trivia – 5/23/13

Whoa, if I’m not careful, I’ll be able to start calling this Daily Trivia again!

Question: What brand name did Nissan use for its U.S. car line until 1983?

Last Question: What band was billed as Power Tool for their song “Two Heads Are Better Than One” on the soundtrack for Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

Answer: Nelson

Great job Kickin’ it Old School (@oldschool80s)!!

Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, sons of the legendary Ricky Nelson, were trying to score a record deal with Geffen Records in the late ’80s. They met with executive John Kalodner every month for a year. During this time, he filtered out their songs until they had enough for a good quality album.

During this time, Nelson was also approached to contribute a song to the film Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Matthew and Gunnar then co-wrote a song with Dweezil Zappa called “Two Heads are Better than One”. Since the band was in process of being signed up to Geffen, Kalodner recommended them not to use their names for the song, so they were billed as Power Tool instead.

In 1990, Nelson released their debut album, After the Rain, which was a huge success.

Here is “Two Heads Are Better Than One”:



And here is Nelson’s number 1 smash hit, (Can’t Live Without Your) Love And Affection:

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