E.G. Daily on The Voice

I do not watch too many “reality” or competition shows these days. But, I’ve been enjoying The Voice. There are no age restrictions, like they have on American Idol. And the talent is totally judged on the voice, and not visual gimmicks. There is criticism about American Idol because some people may advance because they are good looking. In fact, in the auditions on The Voice, the judges/coaches don’t see the contestant until they decide they like their voice, and want them on their team. I think this works because there have been times when there was a good looking singer trying out, and not selected. After the song, all the judges chairs get turned around, and when the judges see the good looking person, you can see them kicking themselves sometimes.
Also, a lot of the singers that don’t make it are more talented than most people that advance on American Idol. They are not just looking for attention to get on television. You won’t find anybody on The Voice dressing like Big Bird. Well except for Cee Lo Green, but he doesn’t count because he’s genuinely “out there”.

Anyway, I’ll get to the point of writing this article. The ’80s is represented!! During the first episode, they showed a quick clip of what will be coming up over the next few weeks during the blind auditions. And I had to do a double-take. Was that who I thought it was? Did I just see E.G. Daily?!? Yes I did. If you don’t recognize the name, chances are that you still know who she is. Some of you younger people (or people with kids) may know her as the voice of Tommy Pickles from Rugrats (“A baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do“) and Buttercup in The Powerpuff Girls.

Some of us from the ’80s may also remember her as Dottie from Pee-wee’s Big Adventure

However, she first got my attention in Better Off Dead. She was in the band and I love this song that she performed:

Here is the full version of the song – “One Way Love (Better Off Dead)”:

I love E.G.’s voice, and I wish her the best. I must admit that the competition already looks incredibly tough, just through 2 days. But E.G. has a unique voice, so I hope it takes her far. I was curious about what song she was going to audition with. It was Faith Hill’s “Breathe”. At first I was disappointed with the selection. I kind of liked the song when it first came out, but very quickly became way, way, way overplayed (like most Faith Hill songs). It got to the point where I would change the station whenever the song came on.

However, E.G. made the song sound fresh, and I loved it!! And if you watch the clip, you’ll find out that I’m not the only one!

So join me in rooting for E.G. Daily!! And the longer she stays on the show, the more of her songs will be available on iTunes.

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