Hacky Sack

There were several crazes during the ’80s, including the Rubik’s Cube and arcade games. Another craze that took the world by storm was the Hacky Sack craze. The Hacky Sack was a leather mini-beanbag that you would kick up in the air, and pass it to somebody else without using your hands. You could play solo, and do all sorts of tricks, or see how many times you could kick it in the air without hitting the ground. Another option was to play with a group of people, and pass the hacky sack around without hitting the ground.

When I went to high school, there were several courtyard areas throughout the school. In between classes, students were actually allowed to smoke out there. To this day, I still have never even taken a drag of a cigarette. So, I never went out there. But, when the hacky sack craze hit, a group of us would go outside in the biggest courtyard (which was connected to the cafeteria) at lunch, and go out and play. I wasn’t obsessed with it, like a lot of people were, but it was a good time.

Did anybody else out there like to play? Can anybody remember any special tricks you could pull off with a hacky sack? I can’t remember any. But I do remember using my knees if somebody kicked it too high.

Check out this retro Hacky Sack commercial:

4 thoughts on “Hacky Sack”

  1. I was born in the late 80s and when I was in high school, hacky sacks were still a thing. Not that I ever played because I wasn’t friends with the ‘cool’ people but it still existed.


    1. Wow, I wonder if it’s still around these days. I can’t believe that it actually evolved into “cool” people playing it! πŸ™‚ That wasn’t the case when I was in high school. It’s great to know that I was ahead of the curve.


      1. Aw man! LOL! Maybe I wasn’t on the road to be cool then! πŸ™‚ But, I do know that there were some people, that played, who’s faces who I would have liked to have thrown a hacky sack into! So, I guess there were all kinds of people that played it.


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