Creature Double Feature

When I was a child, I never got to go to the theater to watch horror movies. But, my friends and I got our horror fix every Saturday afternoon on television, with the great show – Creature Double Feature. I’m from Rhode Island, but the show was broadcast on a local Boston station – channel 56. This was before cable television came in our area, so the station would come in a with little static, but it was good enough for us. After all, we had to watch the Red Sox on channel 38, which also came in with some static, so we were used to it. By the way, congratulations to the WORLD CHAMPION Boston Red Sox!! Woot Woot!! Anyway, since it’s Halloween, back to Creature Double Feature.

The show would air back-to-back horror/monster movies. Usually, one of the movies would be a Godzilla movie. Most of these were when Godzilla was a “good guy” battling other monsters, such as Mothra and Mechagodzilla. But, there would be other movies as well. I do remember a movie about a hand that would crawl around and kill people, but I don’t remember the name of it (it was probably The Hand, duh). It was a fun time watching these movies. Unfortunately, Creature Double Feature would go away by the mid-’80s. However, it was replaced by badly dubbed martial arts movies – which was just as awesome and fun!
Did anybody else get to watch Creature Double Feature, or could it have been just local to the New England area?

Here is the opening of the show:

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