Top 40 Songs This Week – April 4, 1981: Songs 10-1

Welcome back as we wrap up this week’s Top-40 Countdown! I think this is a very good list. You can check out songs 40-31, 30-21, and 20-11 if you missed them. So, let’s Return to the week ending April 4, 1981, and count down the top 10 songs.

10. “What Kind of Fool” by Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb

“What Kind of Fool” was on Streisand’s Guilty album. The songs on the album were a collaboration between Streisand and all the members of the Bee Gees. Barry played the biggest role as he co-wrote and co-produced most of the tracks. He also sang on some of them with Babs, including this one. I am so torn with this. I cannot stand Barbra Streisand, but I love the Bee Gees. This song is OK. It’s an early ’80s Easy Listening tune. I probably would not like it at all if Barry Gibb wasn’t on it. I prefer their hit song “Guilty“.

9. “While You See a Chance” by Steve Winwood

Last week, Steve Winwood’s “The Finer Things” was in the countdown. That is one of my favorite songs by him. And this one is another one of my favorites.

8. “Keep On Loving You” by REO Speedwagon

This is REO Speedwagon’s second entry in the countdown this week. “Keep On Loving You” is one of REO’s best known hits, topping the charts in March of 1981.

7. “Just the Two of Us” by Grover Washington Jr. (with Bill Withers)

Great, classic song! Grover Washingon Jr. was a saxophonist and legendary Smooth Jazz pioneer. This song appeared on his Winelight album. It was written and sung by Bill Withers (“Ain’t No Sunshine”, “Lean On Me”).

6. “Hello Again” by Neil Diamond

My mother’s favorite singer of all-time. So I basically grew up listening to everything Neil Diamond ever did. I much prefer his earlier rockin’ music than is later, glittery years. But, The Jazz Singer Soundtrack, which this song is from, was a good album. This song is OK. It’s better than some of his other slow songs. It’s a nice ballad.

5. “Crying” by Don McLean

Well, I heard of Don McLean. I didn’t know he did anything other than “American Pie“. And I know the Roy Orbison classic, “Crying” (my father is a Roy Orbison fan). This is a really good version of the song! I had never heard it before, and I’m impressed. Why am I not surprised that the only Don McLean song I ever hear on the radio is “American Pie”?! I mean his “Crying” was a top-10 hit, and I never even knew it existed! If I didn’t fire radio a couple of countdowns ago, they would be fired now!

4. “Kiss On My List” by Hall & Oates

Love the Hall & Oates!! This was the duo’s second #1 hit (after 1977’s “Rich Girl“). This song started Hall & Oates’ incredible run of hits throughout the ’80s, and made them one of the greatest duo’s of all time. They are even being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year. Well, that doesn’t mean too much to me. If you think Radio irritates me, don’t even get me started with the people who make the selections for the Hall of Fame! Anyway, let’s get back to enjoying more great ’80s music, with this classic song.

3. “The Best of Times” by Styx

Styx is another one of my favorite bands, and this is one of their best power ballads. I still love it.

2. “Woman” by John Lennon

Great John Lennon song! This is off of his Double Fantasy album. There’s no truth to the rumor that this album is the reason why CD’s were created. I mean, CD’s did make it easier to skip songs. On this album, you could listen to a Lennon tune, then hit ‘skip’, listen to another song, hit ‘skip’ again, and so on. Those of you who know about the Double Fantasy album know what I’m talking about. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, listen to a John Lennon song, then step on a cat, and you will get a more pleasurable listening experience than listening to that album straight through. Just sayin’.

1. “Rapture” by Blondie

Today’s #1 hit is Blondie’s follow-up to their smash hit, “The Tide Is High”. I like this song a lot. The second half of the song turns into a rap song. This was technically the first rap video ever broadcast on MTV.

Look, all I’m sayin’ is that I’m so glad that all we saw was her goofy dancing at the Beatles 50th Anniversary Special, and that they didn’t bring her on stage to sing.

Well, I enjoyed that top-10. I hope you enjoyed this week’s countdown, and discovered new songs. Well be back next with a brand new countdown from 1980-something. In the meantime, “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”

2 thoughts on “Top 40 Songs This Week – April 4, 1981: Songs 10-1”

  1. I liked half the songs. REALLY like “Just The Two Of Us.”

    ’85 next? I’m hoping to find some Go West that isn’t “King Of Wishful Thinking” (another reason to fire Radio).


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