Top 40 Songs This Week – April 13, 1985: Songs 30-21

Welcome back to the Top-40 Countdown from this week in 1985. You can check out songs 40-31 if you missed them. Songs 30-21 are a great variety of rock, pop, and some “smooth” music. Now, let’s Return to the week ending April 13, 1985, and listen to the next 10 songs of the countdown.

30. “Everything She Wants” by Wham!

This is already Wham!’s second song on the countdown. As I mentioned yesterday, I was not a huge Wham! fan back in the day, but I appreciate their music more now. This was the third song from their classic Make It Big album to reach #1. The others were “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” and “Careless Whisper“. My favorite song from the album, “Freedom” peaked at #3. I do think “Everything She Wants” is a good song now. Are there any songs that you did not like when they came out, but do like them more now?

29. “New Attitude” by Patti Labelle

This is the second song on the countdown from the Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack. This is probably my favorite song from that soundtrack, and is my favorite song by Patti LaBelle. This was Patti LaBelle’s first music video.

28. “Radioactive” by The Firm

I did not remember this song, but when I just heard it now, it sounds vaguely familiar to me. I have heard of The Firm though. They were a super group consisting of bassist Tony Franklin, drummer Chris Slade (Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Asia), the legendary guitarist Jimmy Page, and lead singer Paul Rogers (Free,Bad Company). I didn’t fall off my chair with excitement when this song came on. But, after listening closely, they do sound really great together. Each instrument (and of course, Paul Rogers’ voice) are incredible.

27. “Rock and Roll Girls” by John Fogerty

I didn’t recognize the song title when I saw it, but as soon as I heard the song, I knew and remembered it. This was off of John Fogerty’s third solo album, Centerfield. The song “Centerfield” was the most popular song from that album, by far. I didn’t realize it, but “The Old Man Down the Road” was also on the album. “Rock and Roll Girls” is a very good song that I probably had not heard since the ’80s.

26. “Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid” by Hall & Oates

This song came out in the middle of Hall & Oates’ great run in the ’80s. This was off of the Big Bam Boom album, which had more popular songs than this one, such as “Out of Touch” and “Method of Modern Love“.
This isn’t a bad song though. Not one that I’ll run out and buy.

25. “Don’t come Around Here No More” by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

I don’t like too much of Tom Petty’s music. But there are actually a few songs I do like by him, and this is one of them. This song was written by Tom Petty and Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics. When I hear this song, I can’t help but think of this video with the Alice in Wonderland theme.

24. “Private Dancer” by Tina Turner

This was the title track to Tina Turner’s classic album. I liked this song a lot when it came out. One thing I just learned about this song: It was written by Mark Knopfler, the lead singer of Dire Straits. This song was originally going to be included on the Dire Straits album Love over Gold. After the song was recorded, however, the vocals were not added. Mark Knopfler considered that they were not suitable for a male to sing, so the track was cut from the final mix. They eventually remade the track for Tina Turner.

23. “The Heat Is On” by Glenn Frey

Beverly Hills Cop is really invading this countdown! This is the third song from the soundtrack in this countdown. This song got overplayed when it came out. I’m still a little sick of it. But, I do like it in the movie a lot. This song would peak at #2 behind REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling“. I like this video too because it shows some scenes from the movie.

22. “Smooth Operator” by Sade

This is another song that I did not like at all when it came out. zzzzzzzzzzz. Of course my taste of music leaned more towards Def Leppard, Van Halen, Motley Crue, and Quiet Riot back then. This song is on the total opposite side of the spectrum. I do like Jazz a lot more now, so this is tolerable to me now.
And do I feel stupid! I thought Sade was a solo artist. It turns out that Sade is a band! Please tell me that I’m not the only one that didn’t know that! The lead singer’s name is Sade Adu, so that explains my confusion a little. I didn’t know this was a band named after her.

21. “That Was Yesterday” by Foreigner

This is probably my favorite Foreigner song post-4. I love the keyboard lick in this song. and Lou Gramm’s singing is awesome as usual.

I hope you enjoyed those songs. Not too shabby. The next 10 songs are going to be even better! So please come back! Also, feel free to leave comments about what you think of the songs, or the whole Top-40 Countdown series I’ve been covering lately. And as I mentioned earlier, are there any songs (not necessarily on this list) that you used to not like, but do like more now?

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2 thoughts on “Top 40 Songs This Week – April 13, 1985: Songs 30-21”

  1. “The next ten songs are going to be even better”? I find that hard to believe!! Another fantastic list.

    The only song I didn’t like then but do now is Tom Petty’s. Always loved those Wham!, Hall and Oates, Glen Frey, Sade and Foreigner songs.

    Big fan of “Radioactive” as well. I used to put my hands over my mouth when singing “‘Cause I’m radioactive” to simulate the sound effect they use. OK, I still do that…

  2. Oh, that’s awesome! And yes, I think the next 10 are better, And one of the songs is one of your favorite songs (I think). And even the top-10 has some great songs as well. This was an awesome year! Start trying your telepathy, and on Friday we can see if we can pick the same year for next week’s countdown! 🙂

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