Top 40 Songs This Week – April 23, 1988: Songs 40-31

Hi Everybody, It’s a new week, and time for a new countdown. I don’t think there is any way that any other week can beat last week’s 1983 countdown. This week, we’ll jump ahead to 1988. This is the year I graduated high school. So at this point in time, I was getting ready to wrap up school. The weather was getting a lot nicer, and school was getting more laid back. What were you doing back then?
I was 17 at the time of this countdown, so I figured that I would know every song on here. I figured wrong. I think there are more songs on here that I don’t remember than ones that I do! This can be a good thing. I love discovering new (to me) music. I hope you enjoy this week’s countdown. Let’s Return to the week ending April 23, 1988, and begin the countdown.

40. “One Good Reason” by Paul Carrack

About the only non-Mike + The Mechanics Paul Carrack song I knew was “Don’t Shed a Tear” – which I love. I figured I would like this one too. I was right. And then I remembered it when the song hit the chorus. This was the title track of Paul Carrack’s third solo album, which also featured the aforementioned “Don’t Shed a Tear.”

39. “Strange But True” by Times Two

This song is OK. It has a typical late-’80s sound, which isn’t bad. I had not heard of this song until I covered it in the One Hit Wonders series.

Times Two was a duo of Shanti Jones and Johnny Dollar. Their their only hit, “Strange But True”, came from their 1988 debut album ,X2. That same year, Times Two was the opening act for Debbie Gibson’s Out of the Blue Tour.

In 1990, the band released a follow-up EP called “Danger Is My Business” and a new single, “Set Me Free.” Neither made any impact on the charts.

Johnny Dollar now goes by Giovanni Di Morente and performs with El Radio Fantastique in the San Francisco Bay area.

Shanti Jones’ band is Sex and Reverb and he has produced several CDs.

38. “Everything Your Heart Desires” by Daryl Hall & John Oates

Here is a forgotten hit of the ’80s. This is not nearly as good as their heyday in the earl-mid ’80s, but it’s still not bad.

37. “Going Back to Cali” by LL Cool J

This came out when I didn’t listen to too much rap anymore. But I loved Run DMC, the Beastie Boys, and this song by LL Cool J. This song, from the Less Than Zero soundtrack, was produced by Rick Rubin.

36. “My Girl” by Suave

This remake of the 1964 Temptations classic actually isn’t too bad. It kind of reminds me of Club Nouveau’s “Lean On Me” remake.

35. “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley

Everybody knows this song. Those of us that were around, when this song came out, could not escape from it on the radio or MTV. And thanks to “Rickrolling,” the young internet generation knows about it too.

34. “Say It Again” by Jermaine Stewart

I didn’t remember this song by Jermaine “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off” Stewart. But, I remembered it when I heard it again. I like this song too.

33. “Kiss and Tell” by Bryan Ferry

I didn’t remember this song. I’m not much of a Bryan Ferry fan. I do like the song “More Than This” from when he was with Roxy Music, but that’s about it.

32. “Dreaming” by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

I had never heard this song wither. It’s a good one! I really like it. This was released as a single from their Best of OMD album. It was the last single released before the band broke up.

31. “One More Try” by George Michael

We’ll wrap up today’s list of songs with the classic George Michael ballad. I wasn’t a big fan at the time that this came out, but didn’t hate it either. I like it more now, and it makes me nostalgic.

Did you guys like today’s list of songs? I didn’t think they were too shabby. We’ll continue the countdown this week.

One thought on “Top 40 Songs This Week – April 23, 1988: Songs 40-31”

  1. Is that Nick Lowe backing up Paul Carrack?
    That’s a GREAT forgotten song. Paul has such a fantastic voice. I have his “How Long” when he was with Ace…now I have to get some more of his stuff.

    Is there any radio station that would play those first three songs? I doubt they’d play even one of them, but I’d like to be proven wrong!

    Forgot about that version of “My Girl,” and “Say It Again.” Nice! And what was that song in between them again? Kidding…I never got tired of that one. Always been an unabashed Rick Astley fan.

    My only exposure to Bryan Ferry back in the day was if Night Tracks played his videos. Last year I got the album Avalon, which had “More Than This” on it. “Kiss And Tell” reminds me to keep discovering more of him.

    OMD? OMG! I forgot this one, too. One of their better songs, in my opinion.

    At first glance I wasn’t expecting much, but this turned out to be a fantastic list. Thanks again!


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