Top 40 Songs This Week – April 23, 1988: Songs 20-11

Welcome back as we continue this week’s Top-40 Countdown! We are beginning to wind down. If you missed the previous songs, you still can catch songs 40-31 and 30-21. We get another good list of songs today! Yesterday’s theme seemed to be heavy on the R&B side. Today’s songs are heavy on the dance/freestyle side. This is another solid list of songs. As I had mentioned previously, I was a little nervous heading into this week trying to follow up 1983’s Top 40 list. But, 1988 was pretty good in its own right. So let’s Return to the week ending April 23, 1988, and continue the countdown with songs 20-11.

20. “I Don’t Want to Live Without You” by Foreigner

This is the least overplayed Foreigner ballad, which makes it my favorite. If I never hear “Waiting for a Girl Like You” or “I Want to Know What Love Is” again, it will be too soon. I really like this song though.

19. “Out of the Blue” by Debbie Gibson

If this song came out now, I probably would not like it. But, since I was crushing on Debbie Gibson at the time that this came out, I liked it. Debbie Gibson actually was/is very talented. She could sing, dance, play her own instruments and *gasp* write her own music!

18. “Shattered Dreams” by Johnny Hates Jazz

This is a very good late-’80s song. I do remember it being played on the radio a lot, but I didn’t mind it.

17. “Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)” by Samantha Fox

I was always into rock music. But, for some reason (other than her looks) I loved every song Samantha Fox did in the late’80s/early ’90s. This is a fun song with the hip-hop group Full Force backing up Samantha.

16. “Always On My Mind” by Pet Shop Boys

I love Willie Nelson’s original version of this song, but the Pet Shop Boys did a really good job making it their own. The Pet Shop Boys version is more of a dance song. In this video, the song doesn’t really start for a couple of minutes. There’s a bit of a skit at the beginning. I think the old guy that is in the cab is the bad guy from Lethal Weapon 2:

“Diplomatic immunity”
“Has just been revoked!”

15. “Rocket 2 U” by The Jets

This is a good dance song by The Jets. They were really on a roll in the late ’80s with a long string of hits. This isn’t my favorite song by them, but it’s pretty good.

Long Distance Dedication

I have not received any Long Distance Dedications yet. Feel free to email them to me at and/or
Now this is not going to be a typical dedication today.

Dear Casey Return to the ’80s,
Today would have been Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark’s 54th birthday. Sadly, he died of a codeine overdose at the young age of 30 on January 8, 1991. In such a short time, he left quite a legacy, writing and playing some of the best rock songs of all-time. While Vivian Campbell is rocking it as Def Leppard’s guitarist, it is heartbreaking that Steve Clark is no longer with us. With that, today’s dedication goes out to Steve Clark and his fans. It is one of the most popular Def Leppard songs, and one that Clark co-wrote: “Bringin’ On the Heartbreak”.


Now back to the Countdown.

14. “Electric Blue” by Icehouse

The song title and band name did not ring a bell with me. But, it’s another one of those songs that I remembered as soon as I heard the chorus. Icehouse was an Australian rock/synthpop band. This song was written by Iva Davies of Icehouse and John Oates (yes, THE John Oates). Oates has stated that if Davies had not released the song under the Icehouse name then it would have been a Hall and Oates track.

They probably could have used this song at this point in their career. I really like this one a lot.

13. “One Step Up” by Bruce Springsteen

I had forgotten about this one. It’s OK. Not very exciting.

12. “Some Kind of Lover” by Jody Watley

I Don’t remember this song at all – even after I heard it. This was the fourth single released from Jodey Watley’s self-titled debut. I remember “Looking for a New Love” and “Don’t You Want Me“. This song is OK. I like those other songs better though.

11. “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson

We’ll wrap up today’s portion of the countdown with this MJ classic. This is one of my favorite songs by him. I’m a sucker for songs that have a choir (with the exception of the way overplayed “I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner). So I love this song and “Will You Be There“. This song was the fourth single released from the legendary Thriller follow-up, Bad.

Are you still liking this countdown so far? There are more great songs in the top 10. And once again, surprisingly, there aren’t too many songs on the list, if any, that I’m sick of. We’ll be back tomorrow with your Top-10.

4 thoughts on “Top 40 Songs This Week – April 23, 1988: Songs 20-11”

  1. Forgot about that Foreigner song and the video until I played it. Yeah, that needs to get some more airtime.

    I liked “Electric Blue.” Just listening to it again, I could easily imagine that as a Hall and Oates song!

    Completely forgot “One Step Up.” Took several seconds for that “Oh yeah!” moment. Nice one.

    “Some Kind Of Lover” is the only non-Shalamar song of Jody Watley’s that I’d buy. By the way, who dressed her in that video?? She should have borrowed some outfits from Pebbles’ videos.

    The rest of the songs didn’t really get to me…didn’t dislike them either…they were just there.


    1. It’s funny that you should mention Pebbles. She’s in the top 10 today. I think I like this list better than the top 10 this week – especially with the songs you just mentioned.


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