Top 40 Songs This Week – April 29, 1989: Songs 10-1

Welcome back to this week’s Top 40 Countdown! We will be wrapping up the countdown today. If you missed the previous songs you can go back and listen to songs 40-31, 30-21, and 20-11. Let’s Return to the week ending April 29, 1989, and go through the top 10 songs this week.

10. “Forever Your Girl” by Paula Abdul

Before she became known as a flaky judge on American Idol, Paula Abdul was the sweetheart of the pop music industry. This title track was the second song released from her debut album, and would become a #1 hit, just as “Straight Up” had. There would be a total of four #1 hits from that album.

9. “After All” by Cher & Peter Cetera

This is one of my favorite duets of the decade. These two unique voices made a great combination. This song was the love theme for the movie Chances Are and was nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards 1989. I love this song, and I kind of liked the movie, which starred Cybill Shepherd, Robert Downey, Jr., Ryan O’Neal, and Mary Stuart Masterson (who I had a bit of a crush on).

8. “Real Love” by Jody Watley

This is a good dance and R&B song. The video, directed by David Fincher, was nominated for six MTV Video Music Awards including Breakthrough Video, Best Art Direction, Best Dance Video, and Best Female Video at the 1989 award show. That record was held until Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson’s video “Scream” received eleven VMA nominations in 1995.

7. “Second Chance” by .38 Special

This is a nice ballad by .38 Special, who usually had really good, fun rock songs. This song would go on to be the band’s highest-charting song in the United States, peaking at #6.

6. “The Look” by Roxette

I love, love, love Roxette!! This was released as a single from their Look Sharp! album, and became a breakthrough hit for the band. Before this, Roxette was unknown outside of their native Sweden. This song would give them international fame, becoming a #1 hit in the U.S. and 24 other countries.

5. “Heaven Help Me” by Deon Estus

I love this song by Deon Estus. He had been the bass player for Wham! and played bass on George Michael’s first two solo albums. I have a soft spot for Deon because he was one of the first celebrities to follow me on Twitter. If you happen to read this article, Deon, Rock on buddy!!

4. “She Drives Me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals

Not one of my favorite songs on the countdown. But, I think I like this more now then when it came out.

3. “Funky Cold Medina” by Ton Loc

For some reason, I like this song. It is basically the same thing as his other song, “Wild Thing“, but I still like it.

2. “I’ll Be There For You” by Bon Jovi

I love this ballad by Bon Jovi. It’s one of their best. Jon Bon Jovi put a lot of feeling into this. Classic.

1. “Like a Prayer” by Madonna

And now we have reached the #1 song. This is one of my favorite Madonna songs. There were a lot of great songs on the Like a Prayer album, but this was my favorite. Again, like I said in a previous post, I’m a sucker for songs that feature a choir.

Well that wraps up this week’s countdown. Did you like this year? I have some mixed feelings. This was a transitional time in my life. I had some good times, and some of these songs bring me back to that. On the other hand, even at that time, you could feel our awesome decade was coming to an end.
That’s OK though. there is one year I haven’t done a countdown for yet – 1980 – the dawn of the decade! So, we will be back next week with a top 40 from 1980. Until then, Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

4 thoughts on “Top 40 Songs This Week – April 29, 1989: Songs 10-1”

  1. Deon, if you’re reading the comments, “Heaven Help Me” was my favorite on this list by far! Great song.

    “After All” was another good one. I have a soft spot for Chances Are, because after watching it, my then-girlfriend/now-wife and I shared our first kiss.

    The top ten still had an 80s sound to it…more than the lower parts of the countdown…but I too got that foreboding sense that the 90s were coming. Can’t wait for the 1980 countdown!


    1. Awesome about Chances Are! Very cool. I love that “Heaven Help Me” song too. I had forgotten about it until Deon followed me on Twitter. Next week’s countdown should be fun.


  2. I like he Drives Me Crazy, and we have a dvd copy of Chances Are. I love this movie and I love Robert Downey, Jr. I forgot the title of another Downey movie where there are ghosts hanging around and following him.


    1. I really liked Chances Are too. I’ll have to see if I can watch it again sometime. I had forgotten about that other movie you mentioned! I liked that one too, and had forgotten about it! It’s Heart and Souls. There are all good people in it:


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