Top 40 Songs This Week – May 3, 1980: Songs 20-11

Hi everybody, if I didn’t chase you off after yesterday, Welcome Back!! I am in a much better mood today. I actually like every single song on today’s list. If you missed the previous songs this week, you can go back and check out songs 40-31 and 30-21. So lets jump into it, and Return to the week ending May 3, 1980, and check out songs 20-11.

20. “Think About Me” by Fleetwood Mac

This is not one of Fleetwood Mac’s best known songs, but it’s pretty good. I always preferred Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham songs, and was not into Christine McVie songs. But, as I have gotten older, I appreciate McVie’s music much more now. This is a good one.

19. “Brass In Pocket (I’m Special)” by The Pretenders

Classic Pretenders song. This was their breakthrough song from their self-titled debut album.

18. “Cars” by Gary Numan

Awesome, classic ’80s tune.

17. “I Can’t Help It” by Andy Gibb and Olivia Newton-John

This is the first song from today’s list that I did not remember. I like this soft rock song a lot. It was written by Andy’s big brother, Barry Gibb. I like a lot of Andy Gibbs’ songs, and I love Olivia Newton-John’s soft rock music. So this is a great combination.

16. “Working My Way Back to You/Forgive Me Girl (Medley)” by The Spinners

My parents (especially my dad) were big fans of The Four Seasons, so I grew up listening to them. “Working My Way Back to You” was always my favorite song by them. And I absolutely love what The Spinners did with the song. Especially when they get to the “Forgive Me Girl” part of the song.

Long Distance Dedication

Speaking of my parents, today’s Long Distance Dedication goes out to my mom. It is Mother’s Day this weekend, after all! My mom was/is a huge Beatles fan. But, her all-time favorite performer, bar none, is Neil Diamond. She owned everything that he ever released, be it an album, 45, 8-track, cassette, or cd. And I lost count of how many times she has seen him in concert. So, I’ll play a song that I’m sure most of us would love, and is also part of my DNA – “Sweet Caroline”. It annoys the ever-living crap out of me that Red Sox fans somehow have taken ownership of this song. But, I still love this song nonetheless. I have great memories of my mom playing this song, which she had on a 45. Happy Mothers Day, Mom!!

And now on with the countdown.

15. “Hurts So Bad” by Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt’s version of the classic Little Anthony & The Imperials 1965, “Hurts So Bad“, was the most successful of the many versions that have been released over the years. I think I also remember this song being in a commercial. But, for the life of me, I can’t remember which one. Maybe a Band-Aid commercial? I do like this song.

14. “Biggest Part of Me” by Ambrosia

This is another great soft rock song. I had forgotten about this one, but I remembered it as soon as I heard it. Ambrosia was a really late ’70s/early ’80s soft rock band. This song really brings me back.

13. “Pilot of the Airwaves” by Charlie Dore

Oh wow, I actually remember this one too! It didn’t sound familiar when I saw the song title, and I didn’t remember that dude, Charlie Dore. Oops! Charlie is a woman. And I remember this when it was on the radio all those years ago. She kind of reminds me of Juice Newton. I really like this song a lot. It has one of those early ’80s Country crossover sounds.

12. “Special Lady” by Ray, Goodman and Brown

And once again, here is another song that I didn’t remember from seeing the song title. But, it all came rushing back as soon as heard the song start in a cappella:
“You must be a special lady, and a very exciting girl”
This is a very good R&B slow jam song.

11. “Don’t Fall in Love With a Dreamer” by Kenny Rogers with Kim Carnes

Kenny Rogers has done so many great duets with different people, including Dolly Parton, Dottie West, Sheena Easton, and Ronnie Milsap. But, this song is one of my favorites. It is also one of my favorite songs by Kim “Bette Davis Eyes” Carnes.

So, what did you think of today’s music? Better than yesterday? We will wrap up the countdown on Friday with the top 10 songs. It’s going to be a good Top 10. There’s just one song on the list that is going to annoy me, although the music for that song is good. If any of you like to write and/or like to speak proper English will know what I mean.

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One thought on “Top 40 Songs This Week – May 3, 1980: Songs 20-11”

  1. “Biggest Part Of Me” is in my hall of fame. Fabulous song. I also really like those Fleetwood Mac and Spinners tunes.

    “Cars” was really ahead of it’s time, wasn’t it? One of the forerunners of the 80s sound.

    Don’t remember “I Can’t Help It” but I’m with you…two great tastes that taste great together!

    Big thumbs up to the last three songs as well. I suppose I can see why you like this list better than yesterday. I also think the top ten will be very good. Pretty sure my favorite 1980 song will be on there.

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