Fun Fountain

fun-fountain It’s that wonderful time of year again – the unofficial start of summer. And with that, comes memories of summer fun we experienced when we were younger. Some friends of mine had pools. But, for those of us who did not have the money or the space for a pool, we had to improvise. We could run through a sprinkler. That could cool you off for a bit, but could get boring after a while. But in the late ’70s/early ’80s, Wham-O made things interesting. They came out with the Fun Fountain. The Fun Fountain was a sprinkler with a twist. You would attach the clown head to the hose, put the hat on top of the clown’s head, and turn on the water as high as it can go. The water would come out of the top of the clown’s head, lifting the hat up in the air, with water spraying out the sides of the top of the hat.

One game you could play was to go into the sprinkler, and try to catch the hat on your head when it came falling down. Oh by the way, the hat was hard heavy plastic. So, if you didn’t catch it right, you would get bonked on the head, and have a nice lump. It was fun though! I’m not sure if these are still sold in stores or not. But, I am sure that kids these days would need to wear helmets and knee and elbow pads if they were to use this.

This commercial might bring back memories:

Man, we must have had crappy water pressure, because I don’t remember the hat shooting that far in the air!
So did any of you have the Fun Fountain? Do you have any good stories, or permanent injuries, from the Fun Fountain?

5 thoughts on “Fun Fountain”

    1. I had one and used it for many summers. We all loved it!! Wish I could get my hands on a good used one. MW


  1. All good! Best sprinkler and water toy I ever had. When I was in my late teens we let a family member borrow it and I never saw it again. 😭
    They do not make kid sprinklers like this anymore.
    I think we got more injuries on a regular sprinkler then The Fun Fountain though! But I remember the point was for the clown hat to not fall off while jumping through sprinkler. So of course we’d do it in purpose. lol.

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  2. I hope that members of the family, that stole your Fun Fountain, now has a fear of clowns!
    And yes, they don’t make ’em like they used to. Thanks for sharing your memory! I really appreciate it!


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