Top 40 Songs This Week – June 20, 1981: Songs 30-21

Welcome back as we continue this week’s Top 40 Countdown. If you missed yesterday, you can check out songs 40-31. Today’s songs were interesting to me. I had never heard of most of them. There are some pleasant surprises. One of the songs, that I was not familiar with, happens to be from a band who is the answer to the trivia question from yesterday’s post.

The question was: Which was the only band to appear in both Casey Kasem’s first countdown, and his last of his original run from July 4, 1970 to August 6, 1988?

The answer is: The Moody Blues

Here are the songs:
“Question” which was #21 on July 4, 1970

“I Know You’re Out There Somewhere” was #30 on August 6, 1988

Now, on with the countdown as we Return to the week ending June 20, 1981.

30. “Time” by The Alan Parsons Project

We’ll start with a mellow song. This is the first single to feature Eric Woolfson as lead vocalist, and one of the group’s few songs in which Alan Parsons’ own voice can be heard singing.

29. “Fool In Love With You” by Jim Photoglo

This is definitely an early ’80s song. Jim Photoglo was a pop/soft rock singer who had two hit songs: “We Were Meant to Be Lovers” and “Fool In Love With You”. He then moved on to become a successful country music songwriter in Nashville.

28. “Still Right Here In My Heart” by The Pure Prairie League

Country-Rock band Pure Prairie League had a big hit in 1974/1975 with “Amie“. By the late ’70s a lot of the members left the band. Temporary members filled in. In 1978, auditions were held for a vocalist. Future country superstar Vince Gill got the job, and provides the lead vocals on this song.

27. “Boy From New York City” by The Manhattan Transfer

This song is a remake that was originally recorded by The Ad Libs and peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 on February 27, 1965.
It was then covered by Darts, and became a #2 hit on the U.K. Singles chart in 1978. Many of us may be more familiar with The Manhatten Transfer’s version, which peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100.

26. “Gemini Dream” by The Moody Blues

This song by the prog-rock group, The Moody Blues, kind of reminds me of ELO. “Gemini Dream” was written jointly by the band’s lead guitarist Justin Hayward and bassist John Lodge, both of whom won an ASCAP songwriting award for it.

25. “Modern Girl” by Sheena Easton

This was the debut single by the Scottish pop singer.

24. “Winning” by Santana

Here is a Santana song I had never heard of. It sounds a little like country music. I like this song so much that it is my Song of the Day. I love the music, and Alex Ligertwood’s vocals are awesome!

23. “Elvira” by The Oak Ridge Boys

If you had never heard of the Oak Ridge Boys before 1981, you knew about them when this song was released. It was a huge crossover hit. If you still haven’t heard of this song, then all I have to say is
Giddy up ba-oom papa oom papa mow mow.

22. “I Don’t Need You” by Kenny Rogers

I don’t know how this song got by me. Kenny Rogers was extremely popular in the early ’80s, with one smash hit after another. This song would actually go on to spend two weeks at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, and was a #1 hit on the Country chart as well as the adult contemporary chart.

21. “Nobody Wins” by Elton John

We wrap up today with another song that I had never heard before, by another superstar. We were still a couple of years away from his Too Low for Zero album. This is a good song. I like it better than anything he’s done recently.

Well, what do you think of this countdown so far? Are you discovering new music? We will continue the countdown tomorrow. See you then!

2 thoughts on “Top 40 Songs This Week – June 20, 1981: Songs 30-21”

  1. Moody Blues for the Hall Of Fame!

    “Fool In Love With You” is not only a real early-80s song, it could have been a sitcom theme, too. Loved the phone booth and waitress uniforms…you don’t see those anymore.

    Didn’t know Vince Gill was in Pure Prairie League! Nice song. The only other song I didn’t recognize was Elton John’s.

    I’ve heard “Winning” for decades, and now I know it’s a Santana song. Well, what do you know…


    1. Yeah, I like the Moody Blues the more I hear them. “Fool In Love With You” totally sounds like a TV theme song!! I could just picture the actors names popping up when it shows his or her character. Not only are the uniforms and phone booth retro, how about that mustache, and the pinball machine?! 🙂
      Yeah, I didn’t know Vince Gill was in the Pure Prairie League either. The only thin I knew about them was “Amie”, which I love. This was a pleasant surprise.


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