Suhb-Let Creative: A Creative Mis-Interpretation of “Smalltown Boy”

When I started this blog 4 1/2 years ago, I just wanted to get into writing again, and share my love of the ’80s.
Then I had the pleasant surprise of becoming “online” friends with some readers, and Facebook and Twitter followers from all over the world. What an incredible experience!
Recently, I have been getting to know more and more creative people. Let me introduce you to a couple of these people.

Stephania Dulowski is a Chicago based filmmaker. She and her friend Timmy Parker, a Chicago based art director, have recently started a design and film based collective titled Suhb-Let Creative.

Their first item of business? They created a fun music video to one of their favorite ’80s tunes: “Smalltown Boy” by the British synth-pop group Bronski Beat.

And here is the original video by Bronski Beat

So, if you are on Facebook, you can follow Suhb-let Creative’s Facebook page to enjoy more of their videos.

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