Top 40 Songs This Week – August 5, 1989: Songs 40-31

Hi Everybody, welcome to another Top 40 Countdown. This week, we will Return to 1989. Earlier in the year had gone to boot camp for a couple of months, then went to San Diego for school/training, then came home on leave/vacation for a couple of weeks. Then I went to my first assignment – Oakland Naval Hospital. So this week, I was beginning my new life in California. I have heard a lot of songs on this weeks countdown. However, there are also a lot that I had never heard before until now. So, this is going to be a fun and interesting week. Now, let’s Return to the week ending August 5, 1989 and begin the countdown.

40. “Buffalo Stance” by Neneh Cherry

Here is a great fusion of Rap and Freestyle.

39. “Talk It Over” by Grayson Hugh

I had never heard of this song before, and I had never heard of Grayson Hugh. He is a singer-songwriter. In 1987, Grayson Hugh signed with RCA Records. He arranged this song that was written by Sandy Linzer and Irwin Levine. Hugh recorded the song, but Olivia Newton-John was given rights of first release. She recorded it herself and released it as a single, changing the name of the song to “Can’t We Talk It Over in Bed“. Hugh would finally release the song, and it became a hit.

38. “In My Eyes” by Stevie B

I know Stevie B from his 1990 hit “Because I Love You“, which was the height of his career. Before that, Stevie B had a hit with this song (which I had never heard before).

37. “Miss You Like Crazy” by Natalie Cole

I love this song, and it was appropriate for me at the time as I had just move across the country from my family and friends.
This almost gets me to forget about that very creepy song she did with her dead father, “Unforgettable“. [shudder]. Almost.

36. “Heaven” by Warrant

This is a great ballad by an underrated band, from their debut album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich.

35. “Me Myself and I” by De La Soul

This was a fun hip-hop dance song.

34. “If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher

This is one of the most iconic songs of the ’80s with one of the most iconic videos of all time. It didn’t hurt that the video was shot on a Navy ship (specifically the USS Missouri) seeing that I was in the Navy at that time. And Cher was into younger men. Hey Cher, what’s up girl? 😉

And here is Rubix Kube’s awesome version of the song that I recorded last November.

33. “Cover of Love” by Michael Damian

Michael Damian was best known as singer Danny Romalotti on the soap opera The Young and the Restless.
I mainly know him from his hit cover version of “Rock On“. I had never heard this song before. It’s not bad.

32. “18 and Life” by Skid Row

Alright, I’m really liking this countdown so far! This is already the second hair band this week. Here is another power ballad. This would go on to be Skid Row’s biggest hit, reaching No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 11 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

31. “Shower Me With Your Love” by Surface

Here is another R&B ballad that I really like a lot.

Well, that wraps up today’s list. That was quite the variety! R&B, Freestyle, Rock and Pop. What was going on in your life at this time in 1989? Did you have any favorite type of music at this time?

3 thoughts on “Top 40 Songs This Week – August 5, 1989: Songs 40-31”

  1. Been a long time since I heard “Talk It Over.” Don’t think I ever saw that video, though.

    “In My Eyes” sounds familiar, but it might be new to me. I barely remembered “Cover Of Love.” Good stuff…and it was a Night Tracks video!


      1. Awesome! That’s so cool! I’m loving that app. Even if you tune in to the middle of the countdown, and you’re not sure what week/year it is, another dj plays a song and says what week/year they are in. I’m gonna make lunches for tomorrow right now, and I’ll be listening.


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