Top 40 Songs This Week – August 27, 1988: Songs 40-31

Hi Everybody, Are you all up for another Top 40 Countdown this week? This week, we will cover 1988. This was the year I graduated from high school. So, that means that this week, I was getting ready for my first semester in college. #EpicFail The following February I would be in the Navy. But, no worries. I would return back to college after my stint in the Navy, and undo the damage I did my first time around. I retook all the classes I screwed up, and ended up acing everything, graduating with high honors.
Now let’s Return to the week ending August 27, 1988, the dawn of my first disastrous round of college, and begin the countdown.

40. “What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)” by Information Society

Although this is in the late ’80s, this song has a classic ’80s synthpop sound that would have fit in well in the early to mid ’80s. This is a very good song that sample’s Mr. Spock’s voice from the Star Trek original series episode “Errand of Mercy”. In this song, Information Society reminds me of Duran Duran. I always thought they were British. But no, the band hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

39. “Look Out Any Window” by Bruce Hornsby & The Range

I didn’t remember this song. Since it is Bruce Hornsby & The Range, I was all ready to hate on this song. But, it’s actually not too bad.

38. “Fallen Angel” by Poison

Now we are getting into my wheelhouse! I loved Poison, and this was probably my favorite song by them.

37. “The Twist” by The Fat Boys & Chubby Checker

In 1960, this Chubby Checker song was a sensation that swept the nation creating a new dance craze. In the ’80s there was a lot of nostalgia for the ’50s and ’60s. So Chubby Checker joined forces with The Fat Boys to make this song a hit once again.

36. “Don’t Be Cruel” by Bobby Brown

This was a big hit for Bobby Brown during the brief period where he was one of the most popular entertainers around.

35. “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard

Alright! Back to another rock song! This is one of my favorite songs of all time. As much as this has been played, I still can’t get sick of it. What an awesome rock anthem!

34. “A Nightmare On My Street” by D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

I loved D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. They were a lot of fun. Well, those days are gone now since Will Smith went all Hollywood.

33. “Sayin’ Sorry (Don’t Make It Right)” by Denise Lopez

This is a good Freestyle song. This is one of those songs that I had forgotten about, but remembered it when I heard it.

32. “Don’t Be Cruel” by Cheap Trick

This is the second “Don’t Be Cruel” of today’s list. This one is Cheap Trick’s remake of the Elvis hit. They did a pretty good job with this.

31. “I Don’t Want to Be a Hero” by Johnny Hates Jazz

This isn’t my favorite Johnny Hates Jazz song, but it’s OK.

Well that wraps up the countdown for today. What a great variety of songs! What were you doing this week in 1988? We’ll be back tomorrow to continue the countdown.

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4 thoughts on “Top 40 Songs This Week – August 27, 1988: Songs 40-31”

  1. This week in 1988 I was preparing for college after a three-year work break, celebrating the end of a 13-day stretch of 100 degree weather, and this might have been the week I took a day trip to Toronto to go up the CN Tower…one of my last bits of me time before going back to school.

    And if today’s list is any indication, I was beginning to fall out of my musical wheelhouse. First and last song were OK, and I liked that Cheap Trick song as well.

    1. It sounds like this was a memorable year for you. Just not musically. There will be more hits and misses to come. There are some of my least favorite songs, but then there are some songs that I love that make up for the bad ones.

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