Big Stuf Oreos

In the ’80s, everything was bigger than it is now. Big hair. Big cell phones (they were called car phones in my day). Big bright colors. Big personalities. And Big Stuf Oreos! For a brief moment of time, we mega-sized the awesomely delicious Oreos. Instead of grabbing a huge stack of Oreos out of the package, you could get the same amount of cookie in one giant package. Instead of having rows of cookies, the box would come with around 8 individually wrapped cookies. Your style of eating the Oreo did not need to change. If you’re like me, you could twist the cookie apart, and eat the cream, then enjoy the chocolate. Or you could still just eat it one bite at a time. Or you could dunk it in a giant glass of milk (another favorite option of mine).

Sadly, the Big Stuf Oreos were discontinued in 1991. But, at least we still have Oreos today.

Of course, we need to include this catchy commercial.

How do/did you eat your Oreos? There are so many different flavors now. Do you have a favorite? I’m liking the peanut butter filled Oreos. But, I think you still can’t beat the standard with a nice glass of milk.

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