Top 40 Songs This Week – September 7, 1985: Songs 40-31

Hi Everybody and welcome back to another Top 40 Countdown. This week we will count down the 40 biggest hits in the country from the week ending September 7, 1985. We are smack-dab in the middle of our favorite decade. At this date, I was just beginning my sophomore year of high school. Honestly, that wasn’t my favorite high school year. Sure, my freshman year was nerve-wracking. But it was still exciting because it was something new. I finally came out of my shell by my junior year, and my classes were a little more fun. And my senior year…well, the end of school was in sight. And I didn’t need to take any math or science classes anymore, and got to take more fun classes like cooking and the brand new computers class. But, sophomore year was no-man’s land. I was settled in to high school and had all horrible classes. But, there was still some great music playing on the radio and MTV. So, let’s Return to the week ending September 7, 1985, and enjoy the hottest music this week.

40. “Spanish Eddie” by Laura Branigan

Great way to begin a countdown! I love Laura Branigan. She had an awesome voice, and I had quite the crush on her. I was sad when she died from an aneurysm on August 26, 2004. But, she left us with some great music, and this is among my many favorites of hers.

39. “I Wonder If I Take You Home” by Lisa Lisa, Cult Jam & Full Force

This was Lisa Lisa’s first hit. I had never heard of this one. This was just before Lisa Lisa broke through with the smash hit, “All Cried Out“. This song isn’t a bad freestyle song.

38. “I Got You Babe” by UB40 and Chrissie Hynde

Here’s a remake of the 1965 Sonny and Cher hit that really did not need to be remade.

37. “Do You Want Crying” by Katrina & The Waves

The only Katrina and the Waves song I had remembered was Walking On Sunshine. But, I like this song, which was a folloow-up, a lot. It really should get more airplay on the ’80s shows/stations.

36. “No Looking Back” by Michael McDonald

Alright, I think I’m going to have to finally admit that I am a Michael McDonald fan. I keep saying that I never liked his music, but I love every song I play by him on these countdowns. Alright Michael, you win, you win! I had no idea that he did this song. I was only aware of the Kenny Loggins version, which I also love. This song was on the album of the same name, which was McDonald’s second solo album. Michael McDonald actually wrote this song with Kenny Loggins (and Ed Sanford).

35. “You Spin Me Around (Like a Record)” by Dead or Alive

This is classic ’80s all the way! It sounds like it could have been a hit earlier in the decade. Dead or Alive did not have too many hits, but the ones they had were really good.

34. “C-I-T-Y” by John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band

I may be a little partial on this, but I love this song by John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band, who are from my hometown.

33. “Dancing in the Street” by Mick Jagger and David Bowie

Here’s a remake of the 1964 Martha and the Vandellas hit that did not need to be remade.

Van Halen’s version wasn’t bad the first few thousand times I heard it. But I’m sick of it now. And it did not take long form me to dislike this Jagger/Bowie version.

32. “Fortress Around Your Heart” by Sting

This song isn’t bad. But, I much prefer Sting with The Police.

31. “Who’s Holding Donna Now” by DeBarge

I did not remember this song. A lot of music by DeBarge got by me. I like this song. It is a good R&B song.

Well, that wraps up the songs for today. What were you doing this week in 1985? Am I the only one that did not enjoy the sophomore year of high school? What were your best and worst years? We will continue the countdown tomorrow. See you then!

Remember That Song: 9/8/14

Can you name the artist and song:

Oh, there must be something he’s thinking of to tear him away-a-ay
When I tell him that I’m falling in love why does he say-a-ay

Last Song: “Still Loving You” by Scorpions from Love at First Sting (1984)

Great job Frida (@carrjam94)!!!

Love, only love
Can break down the wall someday
I will be there, I will be there

R.I.P. Joan Rivers (June 8, 1933 – September 4, 2014)

Can we talk? There have been way too many celebrity deaths lately. We lost another comedy legend yesterday – Joan Rivers. Personally, I think she was hysterical and edgy. One thing I admired about her was that if she made a controversial comment or joke, she never back-peddled or apologized, unlike most celebrities these days. She stood by her statements. She could be really mean towards celebrities, but she also made fun of herself just as much. Here are some examples:

“I said Justin Bieber looked like a little lesbian – and I stand by it: he’s the daughter Cher wishes she’d had.”

“Most babies are not actually attractive … (They’re) kind of like Renee Zellweger pushed up against a glass window.”

“Why should I cook for my husband? So he can tell a hooker I make a delicious cake?”

“I wish I had a twin, so I could know what I’d look like without plastic surgery.”

“I’ve had so much plastic surgery, when I die they will donate my body to Tupperware.”

Joan Rivers was a fixture on late night television – especially on The Tonight Show during the Johnny Carson years.
In 1986, the upstart Fox network gave Rivers her own talk show – The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers. The show aired from 11:00-12:00 at night, putting her in competition with The Tonight Show. The fact that Carson heard the news from Fox, instead of Rivers herself, cost them their friendship. They never spoke again, and she was banned from The Tonight Show until Jimmy Fallon took over this year. As you can see from this appearance, she was still funnier and edgier than most comedians out there today.

And here is Joan Rivers interviewing one of my favorite wrestlers of all time – Rowdy Roddy Piper – on her own talk show The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers. This was leading up to Wrestlemania III.

Unfortunately, her show did not last too long. The network wanted to fire producer Edgar Rosenberg, who also happened to be Joan Rivers’ husband. Rivers challenged the network, and they ended up firing both of them. Three months later Rosenberg committed suicide.

One thing many of us ’80s kids remember Joan Rivers from was her role of Dot Matrix in the classic Mel Brooks movie, Spaceballs. Here is a classic clip from the movie:

And one more notable ’80s performance was her role as Eileen in The Muppets Take Manhattan. Here is a scene of Joan Rivers trying to cheer up Miss Piggy after she had a fight with Kermit.

Sadly, at age 81, Joan Rivers was still at the top of her game, and we no longer have her. But she has left us a legacy of some incredible laughs.

Remember That Song: 9/5/14

Hair’s to Friday!!

Can you name the artist and song:

Love, only love
Can break down the wall someday
I will be there, I will be there

Last Song: “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” by Whitney Houston from Whitney (1987)

I’ve been around enough to know
That dreams don’t turn to gold
And that there is no easy way
No you just can’t run away

Remember That Song: 9/4/14

Can you name the artist and song:

I’ve been around enough to know
That dreams don’t turn to gold
And that there is no easy way
No you just can’t run away

Last Song: “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister from Welcome to the Real World (1985)

Great job Robert (@mishouenglish) and Andrew!!!

Baby, I don’t understand, why we can’t just hold on to each others’ hands
This time might be the last, I fear, unless I make it all too clear
I need you so

1984-a-thon Final Day

Here are the final entries from the 1984-blog-a-thon. Thank you Todd for hosting a totally awesome event!!

Forgotten Films

1984_blogathonWell, all good things must come to an end. Here is the final batch of reviews from the 1984-a-thon. I want to thank all the great bloggers and podcasters who participated for making this event such a big success. You all rock!

The Dew Over podcast looks at all five of 1984’s Best Picture nominees and decides whether that year is in need of a “Dew Over.”

– Kristen at Journeys in Classic film is Romancing the Stone.

– Karamel Kinema looks at Lars Von Trier’s debut The Element of Crime.

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Albums of the ’80s: Vital Signs

Sadly, this past weekend ’80s Nation has lost another great talent – Survivor’s Jimi Jamison. He passed away Sunday, August 31, from a heart attack, at the age of 63. He was one of the great rock voices of the ’80s.

Before Jamison joined the band, Survivor was already enjoying success with the mega-smash hit “Eye of the Tiger” behind lead singer Dave Bickler. However, Bickler developed polyps on his vocal cords, and had to leave the band to take care of that. Over recent years, Bickler could be heard singing on the hilarious “Real Men of Genius” (or “Real American Hero” pre-9/11) Bud Light commercials, such as Mr Silent Killer Gas Passer and Mr. Grocery Store Cart Wrangler.

So, Survivor was lucky enough to get Jimi Jamison to replace Dave Bickler. As good as the band was, I believe Jamison made the band even better. And his first album with Survivor – Vital Signs – is one of my all-time favorite albums. If I remember correctly, I got the Vital Signs cassette at the same time as REO Speedwagon’s Wheels Are Turnin’ cassette. As much as I love Wheels Are Turnin’, I love Vital Signs even more.

In honor of Jimi Jamison, let’s listen to one of my all-time favorite albums – Vital Signs.

1. “I Can’t Hold Back”

The song that leads off the album was also the first single that was released off of the album. This made me fall in love with Survivor all over again. I can still listen to this song over and over today.
This song was also the best part of the 2009 Kevin James film, Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

2. “High on You”

Usually, after a song has been playing on the radio and MTV for a while, I feel relieved when a new single is finally released by the artist. “High On You” was Survivor’s follow-up to “I Can’t Hold Back.” But I was still loving the first song, so I didn’t enjoy this one as much. I still like it, though. And it does bring nostalgia to me when I hear it these days.

3. “First Night”

I love how this starts off as a great ballad, and then the guitar and drums kick in, and it becomes a great rock song.

4. “The Search Is Over”

This was Survivor’s third single released from the album, and went on to become a #4 hit. This is an outstanding love song.

5. “Broken Promises”

We close out side 1 of the tape with a pretty good song.

Ok, now flip the tape over and press play.

6. “Popular Girl”

There is no video for this, but the writing and delivery of this song really helps you visualize your own video in your head.

7. “Everlasting”

Awesome ballad.

8. “It’s the Singer, Not the Song”

“I Can’t Hold Back”, this song, and the next song are my three favorites of the album. This is a great, upbeat rock song.

9. “I See You in Everyone”

And we finish the album strongly. In the ’80s, albums generally had 10 songs on them – 5 on each side. In the case of this album, quality was way better than quantity. This is another song I love. There is a lot of passion and feeling in this.

Well, that wraps up the Vital Signs album. Are there any other fans of this album out there? If you had never heard this album before, please let me know what you think.

R.I.P. Jimi Jamison

The man behind the music

Remember That Song: 9/3/14

Can you name the artist and song:

Baby, I don’t understand, why we can’t just hold on to each others’ hands
This time might be the last, I fear, unless I make it all too clear
I need you so

Last Song: “Separate Lives” by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin from the soundtrack of White Nights (1985)

Great job Robert (@mishouenglish)!!

Well I held on to let you go
And if you lost your love for me
Well you never let it show