“The Lost Boys – No Sparkly Vampires Allowed”

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The “Lost Boys,” which was released on January 31, 1987, would go on to win the 1988 Saturn Award for Best Horror Film from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA. Directed by Joel Schumacher (A Time to Kill), the film is a mixture of dark comedy and horror, and was based on a story co-written by Jan Fischer and James Jeremias. Fischer and Jeremias, who had first envisioned the movie being a much more child friendly film, at the insistence of Schumacher, worked on the screenplay with Jeffrey Boam, who radically helped to change the movie’s overall tone.


The film’s 97 minute runtime, begins in the evening at an amusement park. There are four guys causing trouble on the boardwalk at the merry-go-round. A security guard, who already warned the four to stay off the boardwalk, drives his point home by using his club to try…

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7 thoughts on ““The Lost Boys – No Sparkly Vampires Allowed””

      1. LOL! I actually saw The Exorcist when it was rereleased in the theater several years ago. I remember it being scary the first time I saw it on TV. When I was older, it didn’t seem as good. I have the Lost Boys on DVD, so I’ll be watching that.


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