Return to…The Kube!!

Rubix Kube that is! Yes, what is becoming a Day After Thanksgiving tradition is the Return to the ’80s trip to a Rubix Kube concert. Last year I was able to finally see the greatest ’80s tribute band in the world. Last Friday, I made the trip up to Foxboro, Massachusetts once again. And once again, Rubix Kube put on an incredible show.

If you are reading this blog, then you will definitely need to see them if you get the chance. Not only is the music totally awesome, but the whole atmosphere at their shows is perfect. Everything from being around fellow ’80s lovers as well as so many small details to everything on the stage makes a Rubix Kube show totally worth going to.

There’s one other thing to note before we get into some pictures. Although the band has the same exact musicians that I saw last year, with no additions or subtractions, there is one difference. They can now say that they have a Def Leppard guitarist! It’s totally awesome that Rubix Kube’s lead guitarist, Steve Brown, is also a founding member and leader of the band Trixter (“One in a Million“, “Surrender,” and “Give It To Me Good“). Now, Steve Joe Elliot introducing Steve, and then a couple of great songs:


Now, on with the show! Here are a few pictures I took before the show. There are at least a couple of things you’ll recognize in this first photo – the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a couple of big Rubik’s Cubes.


Here is the awesome drum set. If you look close, you will see my favorite muppet – Animal. It is quite appropriate that Animal is on the drum set. There is also Debbie Gibson’s Out of the Blue album, a boombox, and Max Headroom.


Here is Pac Man and Bill and Ted’s phone booth. The band members walked through the phone booth whenever they did a wardrobe change – of which there were many.


In this picture, you will see Gizmo, E.T., Men At Work’s Business As Usual album, and Out of the Blue again. And check out the mic stand. Simon is at the base, and there is a Rubik’s Cube in the middle of the stand.


It’s “The Final Countdown“! Yes, the song “The Final Countdown” was playing as we got closer to the beginning of the show.


Here is Cherie doing some Gloria Estefan. I cannot say enough great things about this frontwoman! She is such an incredible singer, and brings so much energy to the stage. She sounds just like the singers that she’s covering. Oh, I forgot to mention that I got some pretty good pictures because I was right in front of the stage all night. I would also like to say that we were next to Cherie’s family all night, and there were so nice, and classy and fun. I don’t think Cherie’s nieces were around during the ’80s, but you could easily tell that they loved the music. So they are great people and have a great taste in music!


Here is frontman Scott doing the “Conga” with some friends. Scott’s father was a master puppeteer who worked with the Muppets on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. So the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree as Scott made those puppets come to life. It was so cool!


Here is Scott putting the energy domes in place. You know what comes next!


Whip it! Whip it good!


Scott was indeed like a Chameleon in this show! Like Cherie, he looked and sounded like every artist he covered. My friends got a good laugh when Scott brought out his inner Boy George, and wrapped one of those scarves around me.


It was like a “Holiday” as Cherie got us “Into the Groove” bringing out some old school Madonna.


Time for some “Billie Jean” and a Moonwalk. I unintentionally also got the Thriller album in the shot. Um, I mean I planned that perfectly!


Here is Steve and David getting ready to bring on Cher.


If I Could Turn Back Time,” I would see Rubix Kube over and over again.


Slash is in the house!!!


Wow, Axl Rose and Slash in the same building in the same night!?! Only at a Rubix Kube show!!!


Here is Mike on keytar. Maybe today’s music sucks because there isn’t enough keytar! Mike is an incredible keyboard player, and was very vital in bringing out that ’80s sound.


She’s a “Maniac!”


Yes indeed, I did have “The Time of My Life!”


We went crazy from some old school Prince. “Let’s Go Crazy” is one of my favorite Prince tunes, and they played it!


Here we go again, with a block of some hair band music! One of the highlights of the night was that Cherie’s dad really got into this music with me. We were jammin’ man! It was so freakin’ awesome to see somebody from our parents’ generation getting into some hard rock. It was so genuine, you could feel his love of the music. And since this is my favorite type of music, it really did my heart some good. What a night!


They “Shook Us All Night Long!”


Doesn’t this look just like Angus or what?!


Here is the only video I took of the night. I did not wat to be one of those jerks in front of the stage, holding up their phone all night. I wanted to get at least one song. And what a song to get! And check out what Steve does for me at the 54 second mark. And then some drunk idiot got his stupid arm and hand in the shot. That was a cool moment for me anyway.

And now the grand finale!!! History is being made here! This coming January 13 will be 5 years since I made my first blog post. This here is the first picture I ever posed for that I am posting on this site. Here I am with half of Rubix Kube!! That is Scott, Cherie, and the drummer John.


Again, please do yourself a favor and go see Rubix Kube. It’s one thing to see pictures and videos. But, to be there and experience it yourself will be something you’ll never forget. You can check out their site at, check out their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter.
Until next time, LONG LIVE THE ’80S!!!!

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