Quote of the Day: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Elliot: [seeing E.T. in a dress, with a wig and jewelry] Oh, God!

E.T.: Elliot.

Elliot: [still too frustrated to notice he just spoke to him] What?

E.T.: Elliot!… Elliot!

Gertie: I taught him how to talk now. He can talk now.

[Elliot sees electronics and supplies together in the closet]

Gertie: Look what he brought up here all by himself. What’s he need this stuff for?

Elliot: E.T., can you say that? Can you say ‘E.T.’? E.T.

E.T.: Eeee Teee.

Elliot: [Elliot laughs in amazement]

E.T.: E.T.! E.T.! E.T.! Be good.

Gertie: “Be good”! I taught him that too!

Elliot: You should give him his dignity. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

E.T.: [gives Elliot a newspaper and points at a comic picture] Phone.

Elliot: ‘Phone’? He said ‘phone’? He said ‘phone’?

Gertie: Can’t you understand English? He said ‘phone’.

E.T.: [points to closet] Home?

Elliot: You’re right. That’s E.T.’s home.

E.T.: [scurries over to the window and points his long finger towards it] E.T. home phone.

Gertie: [clarifying] E.T. phone home.

Elliot: E.T. phone home.

[understanding what he means]

Elliot: E.T. phone home!

Gertie: He wants to call somebody.

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