Rock Out Loud

The Early Podcast Listening Days

On Christmas of 2005, I got my first iPod. While learning about iTunes, I saw a section called Podcasts. I had vaguely heard of podcasts, but didn’t really know what they were. I saw there were all different kinds of topics that may have interested me. And best of all, they were free! Podcasts are basically radio talk shows on the internet. I love Star Wars, so I did a search for Star Wars, and came across a podcast called The ForceCast. I liked it a lot. Hmm, I wonder what else is out there. I also love Disney, and found quite a few Disney podcasts. Most of them were really good, but my favorite is called Inside the Magic (which happens to be the only one still around of this first group of Disney podcasts that I listened to). Being obsessed with the ’80s, I did a search for 80s. The only one to come up was Stuck in the 80s. I loved it instantly, and still listen to each episode the day it comes out whenever possible. Then I came across a couple of podcasts about the television show 24, where they would talk about each episode as it aired. Since I found there were television recap podcasts out there, I looked for one for my favorite show at the time – Smallville. I found one called Starkville House of El (or SHOE). It became one of my favorite podcasts. The hosts Derek and Steve were hilarious, and really knew their stuff. They had great chemistry, and were very entertaining.

Geek Out Loud

During the run of this podcast, they sometimes mentioned another podcast that co-host Steve Glosson had of his own – Geek Out Loud. I loved Steve on SHoE, so I figured this other podcast would be good. Mylanta! Geek Out Loud was even better than I had expected! Steve talks about everything I love. There was Star Wars talk, as well as talk about comic book movies, Muppets, and professional wrestling. He also played a lot of ’80s rock music, and talked about the music he loves, which happened to be the music I love. After the Smallville series wrapped up, I still got my Steve Glosson fix on Geek Out Loud. He also hosts The Big Honkin’ Show, which is a potpourri of different topics, in a radio type of format. During the breaks, there are some funny fake commercials. And when the show comes back from commercial, there is usually an awesome ’80s rock song playing. When Steve records this show, you can actually listen live, and participate by live chatting.

A GoLiverse is Born


A couple of years ago, different Geek Out Loud shows spin-off shows started rolling out. There would be a host, and Steve would be the co-host. One of the first spin-offs was Know What I’m Saying, which Steve and Karl talk about whatever’s on their mind. I’m still not sure whether I find the bromance entertaining or disturbing. In one of the early episodes, they talked music, and I was hooked. There is also Mark Out Loud, where Steve and Mark talk about professional wrestling. They talk about the current wrestling world. However, I love the episodes in which they cover old school wrestling matches and events. Another awesome podcast is Disney Vault Talk in which Steve and Teresa watch and review every animated Disney film in order. Being a huge Disney fan, this is one of my favorite podcasts. As much as I love all of these podcasts, my favorite of them all is…drum roll please, Rick Allen…

Rock Out Loud!

Rock Out Loud

The idea of Rock Out Loud came about when Steve would play a lot of awesome rock music, on The Big Honkin’ Show, that Kristin from Jersey loved. After hanging out in the chat, discussing the music, they decided to start up this podcast. With Steve being one of the best podcasters, if not THE best, and Kristin being the heart and soul of this podcast, this is easily one of my favorite podcasts ever. I always listen as soon as each episode is available. I love that Steve and I have the same taste in music. But, it’s Kristin that totally impressed me. Her knowledge and love of ’80s rock is unsurpassed. What’s more impressive is that Kristin was not even alive in the ’80s! And it’s not just encyclopedic knowledge that she has. Kristin understands and feels the music more than most people that actually lived through that time period. Kristin’s aunt (who is my new hero) was an influence on Kristin’s taste in music. So we can thank her for keeping the ’80s alive! And for the younger folks out there, Kristin is also into current music too. So there is something for every rock fan in this podcast.

Each Rock Out Loud episode begins with Steve and Kristin having a fun conversation for a few minutes. And then they read emails that are sent in to them by listeners, and they discuss and answer questions for each email. After the emails, they go into the main topic of the episode. For example, one episode was about road trips. In this episode, Steve and Kristin discussed what makes a good road trip playlist. They take turns going through their picks of songs, and they play a little of each song as they discuss and/or debate each pick. Other great episodes include Feel Good Music (Kristin and Steve discuss the songs that pick them up when they’re feeling low), Power Ballads, Cover Songs, Dust in the Wind where Kristin and Steve talk about Rockers who left us too soon. They also have covered albums like Hysteria and one of my favorite episodes – New Jersey. Each episode seems to push 2 hours, but they go by so fast. Between the entertaining discussions and awesome music, the episode is over before you know it.


Who’s the Boss?

Being from New Jersey, Kristin is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. While her aunt was a big influence for a lot of her music taste, her father was the one who turned her on to Springsteen. Again, her passion is unsurpassed. Now, I was never a big Springsteen fan. All I know are his big hits. But, there are millions of people like Kristin who are obsessed with him and his music. So, I decided to challenge myself (and Kristin) by seeing if she could turn me into a Bruce Springsteen fan. She accepted this challenge. I asked her which albums to start with. Then I would go there each album on this site. I figured the first album would be Born to Run, or one of his other earlier works. Nope! She threw me into the deep end of the pool! My first homework assignment – Live/1975–85. Just in case you’re not familiar with that one, it is a 3 disc live set. I was not expecting that, which is totally awesome! This is going to be a lot of fun.  So, you will be seeing my review on this album shortly.

In the meantime, please check out the Rock Out Loud Podcast, and subscribe on iTunes. You won’t be sorry. And if you like rock music, you will love this podcast.


2 thoughts on “Rock Out Loud”

  1. Thanks so much for the tip about Rock Out Loud. I listened to the first two episodes last night and had to turn it off so I could get at least a little sleep. The first Bon Jovi episode is on the agenda tonight. You and I clearly have a lot in common and the enjoyment of this podcast is not different – THANKS!

    Have you thought about doing a podcast – you have some great things going on here.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You just made my day!!! I am so glad you like it! This podcast is so much fun. Steve is the best in the business. If you like him, then you would probably like Geek Out Loud too. Every podcast he does is awesome. And Kristin is such a nice person. My “Who’s the Boss?” series is going to be even more fun than I was expecting.

    I had thought about doing a podcast, but I don’t know if I could listen to myself talk. I do have a definite format in mind though. So who knows? Maybe someday. It’s just a matter of knowing how to do it. I would want to do high quality work. And I would need to find the time to do it, somehow. I’ve been working on the first “Who’s the Boss?” article since around November/December.

    Thanks again for your awesome comment! Enjoy catching up on the rest of the Rock Out Loud episodes!


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