Quote of the Day: The King of Comedy

Rupert Pupkin (Robert De Niro): Alright, alright! I can take a hint, Jerry! I just wanna ask you to listen to my stuff for 15 minutes, that’s all! Is that asking too much?

Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis): Yes, it is. I have a life, OK?

Rupert Pupkin: Well, I have a life too.

Jerry Langford: [shouting] That’s not my responsibility!

Rupert Pupkin: Well, it is when you tell me to call you and then you don’t take my call?

Jerry Langford: [louder] I told you to call to get rid of ya!

Rupert Pupkin: To get rid of me?

Jerry Langford: That’s right!

Rupert Pupkin: OK, all right. I can take a hint.

Jerry Langford: If I didn’t tell you that, we’d still be standing on the steps at my apartment!

Rupert Pupkin: Yeah, alright! So I made a mistake!

Jerry Langford: So did Hitler!

Happy 89th Birthday to Jerry Lewis!!!

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