1985 Movie Madness – Kickin’ it Old School

Hi Everybody,
My friend at Kickin’ It Old School has a March Madness tournament going on right now. This tournament consists of movies released in 1985. We are in the Sweet Sixteen right now, so go ahead and vote for your favorites! There are some really tough matchups right now:

Real Genius vs. Fletch
The Breakfast Club vs. St. Elmo’s Fire
The Goonies vs. A View to a Kill
Back to the Future vs. Teen Wolf

National Lampoon’s European Vacation vs. Better Off Dead (Alright, I’m going to assume people are confused, and think this is the original Vacation. That’s the only thing that explains why it has a 57% to 43% lead on Better Off Dead right now!)
Cocoon vs. Mask
Rambo: First Blood Part II vs. Rocky IV
Weird Science vs. Ladyhawke

So go check out the tournament and vote!

It is at http://challonge.com/1985moviemadness

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