Sittin’ On a Step

Hi Everybody! I just wanted to let everyone know that my friend Cherie, lead singer of my favorite band – Rubix Kube, has just released a solo single on iTunes. The song is called “Sittin’ On a Step“, and she released it under the name Cherie Darling. Cherie is such an incredible and versatile singer. This song has kind of a bluesy/country feel to it. I may be a little biased, but I love it.

If you like it, you can go ahead and purchase it on iTunes.

Return to the '80s and Rubix Kube

Congratulations Cherie!!! I’m so proud of you!!!

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4 thoughts on “Sittin’ On a Step”

    1. Thanks so much, Ren! It’s funny because that’s the only genre I had never heard her sing before. She is incredible at singing Pat Benatar. She can really rock out. And she sounds just like Cher if she does a Cher song. She just sounds great at whatever she sings. Actually, everybody in that group is incredible.

        1. Definitely. The next time I see them play, I will record one of the rock songs she does, and I’ll post it in the article. Every time I see them, I post an article about it.

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