2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Hiding Out”

  1. I like this movie a lot. Cryer, Coogan, and Gish have a lot of good movies individually. I can’t get over how easily Gish falls for Cryer in the movie and goes out with him while she still has a boyfriend! But what is more disturbing when you stop to think about it is the fact that Cryer who is way older than Gish end up together in the end. Hello, can somebody day child predator? She is still a teenager fresh out of high school.

    1. I haven’t seen this movie since the ’80s, so I really need to see it again. I just finished watching the final season of Sons of Anarchy where Annabeth Gish played the sheriff.
      And you’re right! Gish was around 15-16 when this film came out, and Jon Cryer was 21 or 22. Creepy!

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