Forgotten Filmcast Episode 53: Band of the Hand

Hi Everybody! Well the time has arrived! Here is my podcast debut, as I was a recent guest on the Forgotten Filmcast. Please check it out.

Forgotten Films

ep_53If you were an 80’s kid who watched Miami Vice every Friday, you’ll want to check out the latest Forgotten Filmcast. This time, Todd is joined by Paul from Return to the 80’s to discuss a 1986 crime story from Miami Vice producer Michael Mann, Band of the Hand.

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Show Notes:
Return to the 80’s
Paul at Twitter

Movies Discussed:
Band of the Hand
D.C. Cab

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One thought on “Forgotten Filmcast Episode 53: Band of the Hand”

  1. Paul, first of all great job on the podcast. I know your thinking of starting your own. I can tell you that the day you do that I will be a loyal listener because your knowledge is off the hook awesome!!!! Also about the podcast, I never heard of this movie before. I did not have cable back then so maybe that is the reason. But now I need to see it. Thanks for the link to the podcast it was great and can’t wait for you to do your own.


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