Remember That Song: 6/17/15

Can you name the artist and song:

We dreamers have our ways
Of facin’ rainy days
And somehow we survive

Last Song: “Stay the Night” by Chicago from Chicago 17 (1984)

Great job Jim (@JimVilk)!!!

Just to have you near me
Here by my side
Just to have you near
And when I get next to your body

4 thoughts on “Remember That Song: 6/17/15”

  1. Artist and song: Barry Manilow, “I Made It Through the Rain” Holy cow, we had that on an 8-track tape and played it CONSTANTLY.


    1. Holy crap! Lol! This is from 4 years ago. That is the song. I probably posted it on that day because it is Barry Manilow’s birthday.
      And we didn’t have this one on 8-track, but we did have a Barry Manilow Live 8-track from 1977. Man that brings me back! On that album, there was a track that had a medley of all the commercial jingles he wrote. It is great!
      Thank you for commenting! It makes me so happy that this is still out there for everybody!


  2. Well, honestly Paul, I found this post because it happened to be nestled in your bunch of post on the AT40 countdown from 6/18/83. A local station replays an old Kasey show every Sunday morning. I think I had heard a replay of that countdown before – heck, I probably heard it when it was played the first time! Anyway, I kept going on and on about how if there was a single week of the the Top 40 that sums up the 80s, this one just might be it.


    1. Oh yeah that was a great one! That was one of my favorites! This week I am doing another Top 40 from this week in 1983, but it’s the Top 40 from the UK. Some songs we are familiar with, but there are some good ones that didn’t get airplay here in the States. So, I go back and forth between the US and UK.
      There is also a Casey Kasem American Top 40 station on iHeart Radio. It’s countdowns 24/7. They alternate between a week in the ’70s then a week in the ’80s.


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