Quote of the Day: Sophie’s Choice

Sorry to be a downer today. Sure the ’80s was filled with bright colors, fun action movies, and great comedy. However, we also had some very dark moments. Today is Meryl Streep’s 66th birthday. Out of all of her legendary performances, I think this stands out as one of her greatest. This is just so heartbreaking. I left out the end of this sequence so I don’t spoil it for anybody wants to who hasn’t seen this yet, or for anybody who hasn’t seen it in a while, and forgot what happened.

SS officer: You may keep one of your children.
Sophie: I beg your pardon?
SS officer: You may keep one of your children. The other must go away.
Sophie: You mean, I have to choose?
SS officer: You are a Polack, not a Yid. That gives you a privilege, a choice.
Sophie: I can’t choose. I can’t choose!
SS officer: Be quiet.
Sophie: I can’t choose!
SS officer: Make a choice. Or I’ll send both of them over there. Make a choice.
Sophie: Don’t make me choose! I can’t!
SS officer: Shut up! Enough! I’ll send them both over there! I told you to shut up! Make a choice!
Sophie: I can’t choose! Please! I can’t choose!


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