We’ll Be Right Back

Hi Everybody,
I just wanted to let you know that there will be no Remember That Song or Quote of the Day this week. There are a few other articles that I am trying to wrap up. This site also needs a little cleanup and be a little more organized. I am also preparing for a huge project, which I will share with you when it kicks off.
The regular articles will be back again next week. In the meantime, here are some fun commercials that Return you to the ’80s. Stay awesome everybody!

4 thoughts on “We’ll Be Right Back”

  1. Talk about memories! These commercials brought back many. Just more evidence that the 80s rocked and was the best decade to be a Kid/Teen/Adult hands down.

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    1. Without a doubt!! I do love these old commercials. I probably didn’t appreciate them too much at the time since they would be interrupting my shows. But, I love looking back at these…not only for the commercials themselves, but for some of the products/toys we had back then.

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      1. Yeah I hated when they interrupted my shows too, but now I miss them. Today’s commercials are pretty lame at times and lack imagination. Some are okay but mostly they are irritating especially all of the medication commercials. Looking back 80s commercials were much more entertaining.


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