Quote of the Day: Trading Places

Louis Winthorpe III: [after ruining the Dukes] Happy New Year!

Randolph Duke: [hoarsely] Winthorpe.

Mortimer Duke: [stunned] Valentine.

Billy Ray Valentine: Hey! How’d y’all make out today?

Mortimer Duke: How could you do this to us after everything we’ve done for you?

Billy Ray Valentine: Oh, see, I made Louis a bet here. See, Louis bet me that we couldn’t both get rich and put y’all in the poor house at the same time. He didn’t think we could do it. I won.

Louis Winthorpe III: [grinning] I lost… One dollar.

Billy Ray Valentine: Thank you, Louis.

Louis Winthorpe III: After you.

Billy Ray Valentine: Certainly.

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