Quote of the Day: Toy Soldiers

Jonathan “Snuffy” Bradberry (Keith Coogan): Man, this stuff is great. It’s opening up my lungs, it’s making me breathe easier.
Ricardo Montoya (George Perez): Evidently it’s making you fart easier, too.
Jonathan “Snuffy” Bradberry: I didn’t fart.
Ricardo Montoya: It’s the first rule of prep school etiquette. When you’re in a basement with no windows, don’t fart.
Jonathan “Snuffy” Bradberry: No, the first rule of prep school etiquette is to pretend you’re asleep when your roommate’s beating off.
Henry “Hank” Giles, III (T.E. Russell): No, the first rule of prep school etiquette is to wait until your roommate falls asleep before beating off.
Jonathan “Snuffy” Bradberry: Was that a personal remark directed at me, roommate?
Henry “Hank” Giles, III: Choke your chicken. It’s yours.
Jonathan “Snuffy” Bradberry: You slap your monkey all the time! I can’t sleep at night!

This was the first movie I saw when I returned from the Gulf War.

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