Quotes of the Day: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom/The Goonies

In honor of Ke Huy Quan, who turns 44 today, here are a couple of his iconic ’80s movie roles:

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Short Round: Wow! Holy Smoke! Crash landing!

Indiana Jones: Short Round, step on it.

Short Round: Okey dokey, Dr. Jones.

[turns his cap around]

Short Round: Hold on to your potatoes!

Willie: For crying out loud, there’s a *kid* driving the car!

Indiana Jones: Relax, I’ve been giving him lessons.

The Goonies

Data: Hey I’ve got a great idea you guys! Slick shoes!

Mikey, Mouth: [together] Slick shoes? ARE YOU CRAZY?

Andy: DATA!

Francis Fratelli: [Jake tries to push Francis over the log] DON’T PUSH JAKE!

Jake Fratelli: I’m not pushing Francis now hurry up!

Mama Fratelli: [after Francis slips and falls on his crotch] Francis sweetheart are you okay?

Francis Fratelli: [High pitched voice] NOOOOOOO!

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