Quote of the Day: Six Pack

Swifty: Kick his ass, Brewster! Don’t take that shit from this fungus faced toad sucker!
Terk: [to Brewster] I’d tell that little punk that he shouldn’t be talking to me like that if I were you.
Brewster Baker: He’s right, Swifty. Be polite, Mr. Logan here’s a very sensitive man.
[takes a few steps away and looks at Terk]
Brewster Baker: On second thought, I got a good mind to turn this little kid loose and let him just whip your ass, Terk!

Happy 77th Birthday to Kenny Rogers!

And here is my favorite Kenny Rogers song, which is from this movie:

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4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Six Pack”

    1. Yes, from what I remember, it was a fun movie. I haven’t seen it in about 30 years, but it brings back great memories. In 1983, it was my grandparents’ 50th anniversary. They lived 3/4 across the country, so I had only seen them a handful of times. We went out there to celebrate. I also have an aunt and uncle and 2 cousins that live there, and we stayed with them. We did a lot of fun stuff, but in our downtime, we watched a lot of cable tv, which was still pretty new back then. They constantly showed, Rocky III, Six Pack, and Victory. I’ll have to watch Six Pack again to see if I still like it. Erin Gray and Susan Dey are also in the movie.

      1. I have such good childhood memories of watching movies on cable. They used to dig deep and find quirky box office failures, then rerun them until we agreed to like them! That’s how I came to love Superfuzz, Savannah Smiles, and Honky Tonk Freeway.

  1. I loved Superfuzz!!! II remember commercials for Savannah Smiles, but don’t remember watching it. I don’t remember Honky Tonk Freeway. But, I watched Superfuzz all the time. I haven’t seen that one in about 30 years. I’ll have to see if it’s on Amazon.

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