Journey of The Rhode Runner (Part 1: Introduction)

Hi Everybody! I would like to fill you in on another project I am working on. Almost 2 years ago, I began running again for the first time in many, many years. Then May of last year, I had a severe ankle injury. I have been able to run pain-free for the past couple of months. During one of these runs, I decided that I want to run a 5K in all 50 states. I am going to try to do this over a 5 year period. My first race is coming up this Sunday. I have created a blog to track my journey, called The Rhode Runner. Don’t worry though. Return to the ’80s is still going to be alive and well. If you follow my Rhode Runner blog, you will get to know me on a more personal level. So, please head on over to, and subscribe, if you would like to follow me on this exciting new Journey. (and yes, I used the word journey, accidentally-on-purpose, as a nod to my family here on this site. It just so happens to be very appropriate). I am also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram under TheRhodeRunner. Here is my first article. There is also a Part 2. Let me know what you think. And for anybody outside of Rhode Island and Massachusetts, please let me know if you know of any good 5K races in your area. Maybe we can have an ’80s party when I hit your town.

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