Hit Rewind 80s – #TheNext40 Recap for Week Ending August 30, 1980

Hit Rewind 80s

Hello fellow 80’s Music lovers! Each week, we will rewind back to “The Next 40″ of one week in the 80s. Rather than focusingon the Top 40 hits for that week, we rewind toBillboard hits from Nos. 41 to 80. The 80’s were full of great songs that never reached the Top 40 charts…and what better way to show these great songs some love? You also get the added bonus of seeing those past or future Top40 hits on either their way up or down the Billboard Hot100 charts.

This week, werewind back to August 30, 1980to check out #TheNext40 hits!

Position Song Title Song Artist Last Week Peak Position Weeks on Chart
41 Tulsa Time/Cocaine Eric Clapton 30 30 14
42 You Better Run Pat Benetar 46 42 11
43 No Night So Long Dionne Warwick 48 23 16
44 Cupid/I’ve Loved You For A Long Time The Spinners

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