We’ll be back after these messages

Hi Everybody, unfortunately Return to the ’80s will need to go on a short hiatus. A couple of weeks ago, my grandmother, was in a nursing home, and doing well. She took a turn for the worst, and was sent to the hospital in an ICU unit. I’ve been working by day, and going to the hospital at night for the past couple of weeks. Last Wednesday, we were told that she only had a couple of days left. Two days later, they said that she now had 2 weeks, and was sent back to the nursing home.

Work has been crazy busy lately, so I don’t get much of chance to write at lunch, and I’m way too exhausted at night when I get home. So, instead of forcing out some articles, I will need to take a short break. I may send out quick messages when I get a chance.

In the meantime, if you haven’t checked out my other blog – The Rhode Runner, please check it out. It is a more personal blog, where I am documenting my journey of running a 5K race in all 50 states. I have run 2 races so far. I am in a holding pattern now since I can’t really plan anything this month. So you should have time to catch up on the articles from that blog.

In sad times like these, it is always nice to look back on some good times. So, here are some commercials that will bring us back…

11 thoughts on “We’ll be back after these messages”

  1. I clicked LIKE but took it back., because this is a sad post. ( and I don’t like it. ) Just remember all the good and happy memories you’ve had with your grandmother. Take your time, and take care.

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  2. Hi Paul,
    Im so sorry to hear this news about your grandmother. Sean called me and we both were talking about it. We both have you in our thoughts and please hang in there. Please let us all know how your doing when you get the chance. Also Please take care of yourself as well.

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      1. Paul, I’m sorry. Me and Sean we both send out condolences. Your a good man, and we wish you and your family everyone well. Your loss is a reminder to us all that we need to give that extra hug to our loved ones tonight or call our mom or dad to tell them we love them because you just never know. Tonight I am going to spend a little extra time with my kids and wife and think a little more on the special thing we have called life.

        With that being said Paul please again know we all out here love and respect you and will continue to carry you in our hearts. Im sorry for your loss and please stay strong bro.

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        1. Thanks so much, Mario.I appreciate it so much. For the past few years, my grandmother never did anything but sit in her chair at home, and never went anywhere. She went into a really nice nursing home earlier this year. Then she started being active again by socializing and playing bingo and word games with other people. So, at least this year, she got to be herself again. So, that’s good.
          You and Sean are awesome! Thanks again.


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