Quote of the Day: The Fly

Seth Brundle: You have to leave now, and never come back here. Have you ever heard of insect politics? Neither have I. Insects… don’t have politics. They’re very… brutal. No compassion, no compromise. We can’t trust the insect. I’d like to become the first… insect politician. Y’see, I’d like to, but… I’m afraid, uh…
Ronnie: I don’t know what you’re trying to say.
Seth Brundle: I’m saying… I’m saying I – I’m an insect who dreamt he was a man and loved it. But now the dream is over… and the insect is awake.
Ronnie: No. no, Seth…
Seth Brundle: I’m saying… I’ll hurt you if you stay.

Happy 63rd Birthday to Jeff Goldblum!!!

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4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: The Fly”

    1. Yes,I remember that this movie was way better than I expected. It was so, so good! The original wasn’t bad – especially the end. But, I liked this one more, and I think you’re right. I don’t think this could be improved upon.

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