Deep Tracks: Survivor – Jackie Don’t Go

Jackie Don’t Go

While I absolutely love this song, I recognize that it may not be Survivor’s best one, but it is pretty good. This song begins with the signature Survivor keyboard and rhythm guitar – one of my favorite things about their music. The powerful chords are present throughout the song and there is no real solo which is not unusual for Survivor (see “Eye of the Tiger”). What has always drawn me to this song is the absolute desperation of the lyrics. The situation is simple – a pair of teens who meet in high school, fall in love, but eventually grow apart. The young man completely idolizes Jackie, “Jackie was the focus of my fantasies . . . I put Jackie on a pedestal so high above.” The relationship was intense and they ignored most good decisions, “Cutting class was getting easy / Throwing good sense down the drain. . . And when it came to fool behavior me and Jackie we wrote the book.” None of this mattered – only Jackie. As is common with many young loves, it doesn’t last. The speaker is near inconsolable and is desperate to get Jackie back, “Jackie stay, I’m living each day / In the streets of the city calling your name / Jackie, this is insane, let’s do this again.” Unfortunately, this realization comes too late and no amount of pleading will get her back, “Jackie no, Jackie don’t go / You’re a hard act to follow / Jackie go slow / Jackie please, I’m down on my knees.”
A heart wrenching song that just gets stuck in my head – and I don’t mind this at all.

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