Deep Tracks: Survivor – First Night

First Night (1984)

Sit back, relax. Here is a perfect ballad full of honest sentiment – a love story . . . and – oops, wait – this song sort of rocks! This is what I have loved about this song ever since I first heard it. “First Night” comes from Vital Signs, Survivor’s first album with new lead vocalist Jimi Jamison. Honestly, the band never misses a beat with Jamison. Actually, I like his vocals better than original lead singer Dave Bickler’s. This song is an excellent example of what many rock songs in the ‘80s were very good at: a catchy chorus. Jamison croons, “And this night shall be the first night / And first night’s are made for love I can taste the action in the air tonight / Hearts are pounding as the sparks ignite.” The speaker in this song gives the clear impression that this relationship will last for some time (or at least they will know each other for some time) and that this night will always be a special one, “And this night will be remembered / Long after the music’s gone / And we’ll reminisce on the things we said / And we’ll fall in love again.” This is another great song that is highlighted by the blending of two sub genres of ‘80s rock. The video is from a live performance in 1985.

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