Deep Tracks: Survivor – Can’t Let You Go

Today, Robert wraps up week 2 of the Deep Tracks series. As you can see, Survivor has many great songs that did not nearly get the attention that some of their bigger hits have. In fact, they have so many great songs that we will continue with Survivor next week. In the meantime, Robert will present us with a great tune to close out the week.

Can’t Let You Go (1986)

From the opening chords of this song, all rock fans are aware that they are in store for a good one. This lyric sums up the entire theme of the song: “Girls like you are hard to shake, like habits, hard as hell to break.” No, it is not Chicago, but the theme is the same. The pure rock intensity is what shines in this song. That opening riff runs through the entire song; the climax come when Sullivan lays an excellent solo on top of this catchy rhythm guitar. Enjoy the song and anticipate the 2:30 mark of it – then let your ears feast on the solo. It is fifty seconds and, once again, shows that Frankie Sullivan is clearly an underrated guitarist in the ‘80s. I have loved Survivor’s music for years, but it was not until I saw them live in 1997 that I fully understood just have good he is. Sullivan carried the entire show, just like he does this song. This song is a solid high point of this week’s deep tracks. It captures the true rock sound and precision Survivor pours into each song they record.

Wow! This is a great set of songs that helps the casual ‘80s rock fan truly understand that Survivor is way more than two songs from the Rocky soundtracks or good for a solid ballad or two. The Survivor catalog is full of so many great songs – so many, in fact, that I am not completely satisfied with leaving you with only these five. I did not even have any songs from Too Hot to Sleep! I find this wholly inadequate, so I am forced to continue giving you more deep tracks from this outstanding band. Be on the lookout for five more deep tracks from Survivor coming soon.

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  1. They are so excellent live! We’ve seen them multiple times when they played at Epcot here in Orlando. It’s unfortunate that they’ve become known only for their contributions to the Rocky movies. I agree 100% with this post! They have over 10 hits from the 80’s on my list that peaked above the Billboard Top 40 countdowns. I can’t wait to review each of the songs 🙂

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