Deep Tracks: Survivor – She’s a Star

Hi Everybody! Even though it is ’70s Week on Return to the ’80s for Remember That Song and the Quote of the Day, we will still be getting some ’80s goodness this week. Robert is back with 5 more awesome Survivor tunes. Enjoy!

Guys, I couldn’t do it. I tried and failed. I cannot let Survivor go with just five songs, so they are back. This week I will give you five more great tracks by this awesome band that seldom make any sort of radio station. I will also include tracks from the two albums I did not use last week, Survivor (1980) and Too Hot to Sleep (1988). Here they are in the same format – one song for each day this week. Sit back, crank it up, and enjoy more of the sweet sounds of Survivor.

She’s a Star (1988)

This is the first track on the Too Hot to Sleep album and it totally sets the tone for the entire album. On this album, Survivor is returning to the their early days of driving rock. Now there is nothing wrong with any of the songs on Vital Signs or When Seconds Count, but this song, like most of the others on this album, really put rock at the forefront. This can be heard from Frankie Sullivan’s opening riff, a hard, powerful rhythm guitar that draws the listener into this excellent rock album. Last week I mentioned Sullivan’s expertise with the rhythm guitar, and that is clearly still in play, but do not miss the solo work on this song (or any of the songs on this album). The solo guitar does an excellent job of giving this song some teeth with some extra added at the end of the song. Lyrically, the song is about the desire (obsession?) for a young (“All of my friends have got a bet she hasn’t seen seventeen”) woman who is climbing her way up the celebrity ladder. Her star power is clearly recognized, “I’d just love to give her what she needs besides fortune and fame.” Despite this, there is a clear sense that she is chasing the rock and roll life, or at least a rock star, “Take me to the music / Out into the night / Drag me through the fire / Do it to me right.” This is an excellent start to a fantastic album.

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