Deep Tracks: Survivor – Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges (1988)

Might as well book end songs – this is the final track from Too Hot to Sleep and my favorite one from this album. There are so many things I like about this song. Lyrically, this song is very strong. It is a song about not just accepting a regretful action, but also dealing with it and growing from the experience. Here is the regret: “After all the hell I tasted / Years I wasted / Love that slipped away / Suddenly a vision shook me / I see the fool I’ve become content to play.” Admitting this sort of foolish behavior is difficult and it usually stops there. Here, though, learning and adapting takes place, “I will go to any length / To find the strength / To face the night alone / Standing on the edge of time / I cross the line / My heart becomes my own.” I did not say it way a happy conclusion- but their is some growth. The chorus of this song is powerful and Jamison sings sit with raw emotions. Speaking of emotions- how about that guitar. This song highlights one of Sullivan’s best performances on the album. Once that guitar kicks in it never stops, driving through the entire song. Rhythm guitar, solo guitar – all of it is just excellent! A strong ending to a strong album.

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