Remember That Song: 12/15/15

’70s Week continues. Dy-no-miiite!!! I’m feeling groovy! Let’s do a triple shot today.
Can you name the artist and each song:

Song 1:

Oh, my child
You’ll never know
Just what you mean to me
Oh, my child
You got so much
You’re gonna take away my energy

Song 2:

‘Cause we’re living in a world of fools
Breaking us down
When they all should let us be

Song 3:

And now it’s all right. It’s OK.
And you may look the other way.
We can try to understand

Last Song: “Feels Like the First Time” by Foreigner from the album Foreigner (1977)

Great job Jim (@JimVilk)!!!

And I guess it’s just the woman in you
That brings out the man in me
I know I can’t help myself

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