Deep Tracks: Survivor – Somewhere in America

Somewhere in America (1980)

Now let’s go back to Survivor’s self titled debut album in 1980. This opening track should be considered nothing less than a classic. It’s a simple story- rock star looking for that one special girl. Looking and looking and looking and always believing that she is out there somewhere waiting for him. Good songs do not have to be complicated. The simple sentiment is clear, “Same old story, same old song and dance / What good is the glory, if you can’t find romance / I know she is waiting / Somewhere in the Heartland / And if she’s out there tonight / I wish she would raise her hand.” Musically, the song builds nicely- a calm riff and, some bass, and a steady bass drum until the catchy rhythm guitar kicks in and carries the rest of the song. A nice solo is added to give this song some more of the rock feel and a return to that killer riff send the song out on a high night- a perfect rock classic.

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