Deep Tracks: Survivor – As Soon as Love Finds Me

As Soon as Love Finds Me (1980)

Let’s stay with that first album, shall we? Track four is another great rock song: guitar driven, tight instrumentation, and solid vocals from Survivor’s original lead vocalist Dave Bickler. This is one of the band’s shorter song, but I have always liked how it packs a punch. The song features more of Sullivan’s excellent rhythm guitar – a great riff that leads to a surprisingly catchy bridge: “All my life you know I pretended / You go through the motions / It’s never been love / It’s always been wrong / It’s gotta be right on time / I need deep devotion / It’s gonna be real emotion / Or I refuse to love.” What follows is a short and aggressive solo – maybe my favorite one on the album. Going through these albums, I am reminded at just how solid Survivor is. The hits are regularly played on most rock or ‘80s radio stations, internet or regularly broadcasted stations. Tracks like “As Soon As Love Finds Me” displays the true rock talents of this band. I never tire of these songs.

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