Deep Tracks: Survivor – Ready for the Real Thing

Today, Robert concludes his Survivor Deep Tracks series. What a great 2 week run by this awesome band!

Ready for the Real Thing (1983)

This song from the Caught in the Game album begins with several flourishes and then settles down into a steady beat and consistent rhythm guitar. The music screams Survivor when Peterick’s keyboards pick up and lead into the chorus. This is another song about regret and a realization that things could have been different, “”This one track mind won’t leave you behind / Why punish me with memories / If only now I could turn back the pages / I played some games that I lived to regret.” I this song though, the speaker has trouble moving on because he realizes it was all his fault, “I only wish I had gone through those changes years before we met / This time I’m ready for the real thing / Last time I couldn’t be true / This time I’m ready for the real thing too.” We are left not knowing if he was successful. Does he get her back? I have not idea, but I do know that I really like this song. Whenever it comes on I take out my favorite air guitar and imagine myself on stage, playing and singing my heart out (I can only dream).

If I haven’t convinced you after ten great deep tracks by Survivor, I probably never will. If you have only listened to the hits, while they are great, do yourself a favor and keep going. Take the time to work your way through an entire album by Survivor. I promise you will not regret it.

Up next: deep tracks by Phil Collins.

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