Deep Tracks: Phil Collins – It Don’t Matter To Me

It Don’t Matter To Me (1982)

This song starts with a burst from those Phenix horns – great stuff. The horns once again play a prominent role in this song; they are most likely the part you walk away humming. As you would expect, Phil Collins plays the drums and percussion here, but he also lays down the keyboards as well. He is the main keyboard player on most of the album Hello, I Must Be Going, playing on every song that has any sort of keyboard other than “You Can’t Hurry Love”; clearly his musical talents stretches beyond just maintaining steady beat. Just a little reading or listening to a Collins interview will let you know that this second album is considered his ‘divorce’ album. Collins was going through a difficult breakup and divorce during the writing of the songs that would eventually be included on this second solo album. It seems as if he is speaking directly to his ex wife here: “Because I’ve heard it all so many times before / Just what you’re saying / I don’t really want to hear it all no more.” This does not sound like the breakup went real well. This idea of loss and dealing with the end of a long relationship is a prevalent theme on this album. This album is probably my favorite one from the Phil Collins catalog. In 1982 I was thirteen and a typically naive junior high kid who had no idea how the world or relationships worked; I do not think I really cared either. I will fully admit to buying this album because I really liked the title and thought it was a clever play on words.

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