‘2 Friends Talking’ interview with Robert

Hi Everybody! In the weeks leading up to the release of the new Star Wars movie, I was concentrating so much on the Top 40 countdowns that I dropped the ball, and failed to mention a very awesome interview that is out there now. My good friends, from the 2 Friends Talking podcast and blog, interviewed our very own Robert Mishou. You love his articles here at Return to the ’80s, and you will love this interview.

Also, please check out the 2 Friends Talking podcast. Sean and Mario have great, entertaining conversations. They are from our generation, so there are plenty of ’80s topics and references.

Here is the link to their interview with Robert: http://www.2friendstalk.com/?p=282

And here is a link to their Podcasts page: http://www.2friendstalk.com/?cat=4

You can also subscribe to their podcast through any of the services that you would normally download podcasts from (iTunes, Stitcher, etc.)

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