Deep Tracks: Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor – Life Goes On

Life Goes On

Let’s keep the existential sentiments going today with this song, but this time there is a bluesy feel to the music. As expected, there is more great guitar work by Taylor. The pacing of this song is slower and it does get a bit repetitive at the end. Taylor saves it with a second guitar solo that is better than the first. The song is a great example of what I like when a band’s guitarist records as a solo artist. He is allowed to create his own music and establish his own sound and style. If he wants to solos in a song, well, then he puts two solos in the song. Existential philosophy is one that is accepting of many ideas, typically hesitating to commit to a consistently concrete world view and being willing to accept many ideas. Taylor writes, “In this smoking gun world / Our lights don’t last / They’re over fast.” No one knows how much time we have and there is not time for absolutes. We all need to define what is right for us and live the way we want to live and avoid having our lives being dictated by others. The video a live version of the song because I believe you can see and hear the true talent of a guitarist when he/she is performing onstage.

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