Deep Tracks: Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor – Tremblin’


By today I think you are seeing a pattern with this album. The lyrics are pretty simple and the guitar is placed firmly at center stage. The chorus clearly captures the speaker’s feeling about the woman, “Why do I feel bad? / Why do I feel sad? / What I’m trying to say / I’m tremblin’ / Though I can’t explain / That I’m going insane / I need you so / I’m tremblin’.” I am going to go back to Mr. Keating in Dead Poet’s Society here. He assigns each boy in the class an original poem. One boy is a typical teen and writes a short (and bad) poem about “A cat one a mat.” He is clearly rebelling and putting a poor effort into a ‘silly’ assignment. Keating does not get mad, instead he says that he is not upset at the simple subject of the poem because there are many great poem about simple subjects. He is only disappointed in the effort, “Don’t let your poems be plain.” This song reminds me of that very idea. It is not a complex song by any means, but it does capture a true emotion that the speaker is feeling about a woman. He is struggling with it and he is laying it out there and sharing his struggle with us. More solid guitar work here – nice song.

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